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  1. Thanks, for that! I'll go away and do some research!
  2. The Greys have been in their aviary for approximately 10 years, without any complaints. Their neighbours were Yellow Crowned Amazons, who after approximately eight years had to go due to the noise level, particularly at the usual times. I appreciate that all parrots are noisy by nature but there must be a variation in the levels between species! What types are considered the quieter type of bird?
  3. Hi, I have a spare aviary and was wondering which type of parrot to house there. The aviary had Amazons which had to go due to the noise! So anything below that noise level would be acceptable. Any suggestions? (I already have Greys) Thanks in anticipation.
  4. Macaw now re-united with its owners, who were able to provide the necessary information. Has been missing for two weeks. Thanks to everyone who helped. Appreciated
  5. Found parrot in the Craigavon area, County Armagh
  6. Hi Having sold my breeding pair of Amazons, because the neighbours found them noisy (and they were), I have an empty aviary. Can anyone recommend a less noisy species of parrot to bred.
  7. Monk Like Darrell, I live in N/Ireland, however I had travel to Wales to purchase a parrot and used Dublin Holyhead for the trip. I did not encounter any problems on returning to Dublin, no paperwork etc . (except the parrot who wanted everyone to know that she was in the car) DR
  8. David Yes! She's currently sitting on one egg and two chicks! DR
  9. Darrell Great idea! I have a breeding pair of Greys & YC Amazons. DR
  10. My nest box has the same dimensions. I'll try bringing the next lot in early and let you know the result.
  11. Would you suggest bringing them in prior to the 14 days and placing them in a brooder?
  12. The parents have successfully bred up until two years ago
  13. The vet has a good knowledge of parrots. He has ruled out dehydration, feeding problems, bacteria, injury etc. He seems convinced its viral. If this is proven to be the case is there a remedy? Regarding disease, both parents look fine and when in breeding mode look even better. I have another pair in close proximity and they have no problems.
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