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  1. I've managed to find a cage from a friend which will do in the short term til I've met the bird. He's still not here yet so I await with baited breath!
  2. There's a few people on the rescue I'm involved with you take their parrots to the EU with them. By ferry they have to stay in there car and you can't stay with them. Or by Eurostar you could stay in he the car with them. I've not done it but am thinking about maybe next year ...
  3. That's great news! Whereabouts in London are you? Did you do the journey by ferry or Eurostar? I've thought about going to France with my 3 but it'd have to be Eurostar cos I couldn't face leaving them in the car without me for the journey.
  4. What do you use for replacement natural cleaning products?
  5. After an e mail has brought me back to parrot-link it's this section that has my interest so I vote yes!
  6. Mine mainly have Harrison's. But one of my GCCs will only eat the coarse and my sun only the fine so have to buy 2 sizes! They all ate animal zone so I was gutted when that stopped. Got AMA-zone fruit bites which they will all eat a bit but they're not keen. Am hoping they'll develop a natural one too.
  7. Hi, I might be taking ina rescue Patagonian conure who doesn't have a cage. I currently have GCCs and a sun so quite a bit smaller. I need to know what then minimum cage size is for a patty. Of course I'll get as big as I can but I need to be sure I can fit in a cage big enough for him before I agree definitely to take him on. Thanks! Michelle
  8. Thanks! My area co ordinator for the rescue she came from has suggested exactly the same thing and that we change her water to camomile tea. Hopefully it doesn't last too long!
  9. Hi We have a rescue sun conure who has been with us since feb called Sunny (original I know!) She has been fine with both of us until the last few weeks Shen she has suddenly started going for my boyfriend. It's really odd, always unprovoked. She'll be sitting quietly on me then suddenly rush over to try and bite him, she's only unsuccessful because he's quick and she's clipped. When he goes to her cage she's fine and will let him stroke her quite happily. Any advice on things we can do?
  10. Welcome. The name of your new baby made me laugh as our GCC's nickname is Froggy as he makes croaking noises all the time!
  11. Thanks for all the info everyone. Think I'll just stick with the pricey bird one from northern parrots although I've heard thet are a bit flimsy. Yes my tiels have a good diet including pellets, good qulity seeds, fruit, veg and sprouted seeds are the base of it. She is a rescue tiel and was in an aviary with her mate and their 2 sons all of whom were chasing her round the cage and picking on her so we're fiarly sure the plucking is psychological. We will be taking her to the vets if it shows no signs of abating though.
  12. Hi We have a rescue tiel (Lady) who came to us as a plucker about 6 weeks ago. I think she's still plucking so we're trying lots of things to help her stop. One suggestion I've been told to try is UV lights but the bird specific ones seem quite expensive. Does anyone use them? How much did you pay and where did you get them? We'd like one you could attach to the cage. Could we get a reptile one? Michelle
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