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  1. Oh hello! Forgot the password AGAIN, but can sign in via FB. I hope no ones paid for this pleasure In the last couple of years I have completely changed my opinion of being owned by birds. Having gone from a seed, to pellet, to a complete chop diet, I wouldn't have anything different. They have no human food( and if you wanna see the food diary, let me know!} I'm a kid/bird advocater, my birds are my family, as are my children, both co exist together perfectly fine. As to your question do I say nothing Caron, generally I don't, because i can do more good advising than t'other'and by the time I've got on Fb some ones usually said what I would anyway.
  2. We've just changed from cream to black for that reason! If I saw a decent cheapish one, I'd probably pick one up for general cleaning, but not just specifically for cages. Tory, if you come across a holy grail of quicker cleaning, do let us in on it
  3. I have used a steamer, and whilst it was good for particularly grubby ferplast cages that came with birds (I'm sure you know what I'm on about, scouring pads barely cut through the dirt) I didn't find it any quicker than a spray with water and f10 and clean 5 minutes later. I had to shift all the birds away so I didn't steam them, if cages are wiped down every day it'd probably be a waste of pennies, unless you're planning on using it for other things. I did a cream leather sofa and it came up lovely!
  4. Lola, Tyson and Chad step up and straight in, Jack steps up onto a stick as he has the most endearing habit of giving you a good chomp on occasion when you put him down, all the conures and ringneck understand "in, in", not all of them will step up. They all picked up "in" very quickly, and it's always the same routine of who goes back first, so they know what's coming!
  5. I've just had to reset my password to reply to this! There's no help for me. Or so I'm often told!
  6. Having followed this thread, and what's been put on facebook, I thought I'd stick my tuppence in. Well, every one else has, so why not eh! I first spoke to June about five years ago, over the phone, and she gave me a lot of good advice. None of this was regarding anything that would need vet treatment. I first met her in the summer last year. I believe she had about sixty birds in her care prior to me visiting, when I did visit, she had much less. She told myself and a friend she could not cope with the amount she had, she was looking for people to take over parrotcare, and looking for people to take quite a few of the birds in her care. I wouldn't have said many of these birds were "easy" birds. Her living situation wasn't ideal, she wasn't coping well with that many birds, but I can tell you every single one of those birds knew, and trusted her. I also had the pleasure of meeting Marion and Lynne, Tracey, I'm was very sorry to hear of your mums passing, because both Marion and Lynne were very gracious when I came to visit. Actually, once you got your mum started she didn't shut up, but I am quite similiar so it was fine! I got to meet all of the birds, saw them playing out in the aviary, it was lovely. I then went back when June was in the middle of moving to pick up a macaw for a friend, so everything was everywhere. I have never been a member of parrotcare, I have no parrotcare birds, this is just my view. June knew she couldn't cope with the amount of birds she had, she said so. I believe one experience of an avian vet, if it's a bad one, shouldn't cloud your judgement of all. My advise, as it has always has been, is if you're concerned, take your bird to an avian vet.
  7. I've been on the forums for a few years now, re-registered again on here after I forgot my email password, my password on here, what my name even was.... I've been guilty of becoming a Facebook user in regards to sharing and reading bird info, purely because I access everything via my iPhone, though tapa talk has changed that recently. It was actually down to PL that my lovely Lola ended up coming to live here, so I thank you for that! I know a few names and faces here from Facebook, nice to see you outside the big "F".
  8. I'd like to see about a million more pictures what lucky birds! Loro parque UK maybe? That's my lotto winning dream anyway! Love pionus, she's beautiful.
  9. I was just coming on to post that we have sorted Jasper out! Thank you so much for your offer of help though, the kindness of strangers has restored my faith in humanity these last few days!
  10. Sorry for the vagueness, it will make sense when I have explained it! Last week I contacted june about a couple who had rehomed their amazon with a lady who decided to rehome it as it was noisy and had bitten her when she put it back in the cage. the couple had told herthey would have him back if she had any problems. this lady had rang them and told them she had rehomed him with a man who ran a rescue. after speaking to june, it became apparent she had infact sold him to make back the money she had paid as petrol money for the couple to make the 400 mile odd round trip to take him to her, as she did not drive. june very kindly said if i could contact the man, she would pay the hundred pound that he paid for jasper, and find jasper a new home. Eventually, we were given the number and i contacted him today and he has been brilliant once i explained the situation. he had sold jasper, along with two aviary ammies to a pet shop due to jasper being aggressive with his children. This was after he had sold him to an old man who lived on his own, the man then contacted him and said he could not cope after jasper was aggressive with him, so our chap bought him back. he has contacted the petshop, explained the situation, and the pet shop has agreed to sell him back. he is picking him up tomorrow, and jasper needs picking up from him asap because he Can'T let him out because of the kids. Obviously it is up to june where jaspers new home is, but it would be a massive help if someone would be able to pick him up from this chappy!
  11. Experienced holiday home offered in Cheshire, we have had everything from budgies to macaws, nicies and naughties! Male and female slaves here, so not a problem if your bird has a preference. You are welcome to visit beforehand and meet our gang and discuss your birds needs.
  12. Ozzie has the life of riley. He is fed, preened, and always has these two at his beck and call. Wherever Ozzie goes, Sprite and Sqwark follow! Both lovies came in untame, but thanks to having Ozzie around they now sit on heads, shoulders.... Edited to say, I have never known anything like these lovebirds! They try to make friends with everything, even the macaw, they are so confident!
  13. A couple of months ago, a fella found a lovebird sitting on a car by the harbour. God knows how, but he caught him and took him round to a friends. Along came another lovebird, and both came to me. They were not interested in each other in the slightest. Then Ozzie, a black capped conure came along.......And both of them fell in love! :arrow: http://i220.photobucket.com/albums/dd159/hollie3011/Littlies/Picture149.jpg :arrow: http://i220.photobucket.com/albums/dd159/hollie3011/Littlies/Picture005.jpg (Edited by moderator - please see https://www.parrot-link.co.uk/index.php?topic=23223.0 Many thanks.)
  14. Yes i was silly, i tried to register my new account, but my email was already registered....I tried every user name under the sun I could think of, and still no luck...the only one I didnt try was my own name!! Have still been reading the boards even though I couldnt post, I cant remember the last time I actually posted....but it was ages ago (smacks hand)Hope I find everyone and their birds well, looking forward to joining in again!
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