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  1. I'm looking to upgrade the cages I have for Cookie, Zippy but everything is ust that little bit too wide so I'm thinking about the possibility of building one myself. So I've been looking at aviary panels and came across parrot cage panels which cane be whatever size you want them. What I can't find is somewhere that does it in the UK and I think shipping costs would be insane. Does anyone know if there's anywhere in UK that would do this, my main concern with aviary panels being that they're made out of wood which I don't think Zippy would be able to resist?
  2. I tried giving Cookie hers mixed in with yogurt. She usually adores yogurt but its like she just knew it had something in it. Without the calcium she'll take it no problem... On top of that the vet did say he would rather it was direct into her beak. I guess it's because she's got very low calcium at the moment and he wants me to keep it up for a month. I feel very sorry for my little girly.
  3. It doesn't taste very nice....yes I've tasted it.... but I imagine with water or food they don't really taste it so its not so bad.
  4. We are currentlyusing ZolCal D for Cookie my Galah. You can put it in their water ot add it to soft food. Unfortunately I'm having to syringe it straint into Cookie's beak which she hates but, at the moment, is necessary. Hope this helps.
  5. I have uped her calcium generally anyway and she seems to be perking up a little bit although I'm still waiting for the liquid calcium to turn up - should be here tomorrow. The vets seemed to think that everything is down to the low calcium. She does seem to be eating more so what I'm giving her must be helping and, hopefully, the calcium recommended by the vet plus the dosage he's suggested should get her back to her normal self.
  6. I had a phone call from the vets and the blood test showed that Cookie has a very low ionised calcium. I have ordered the ZolCal D, as recommended but have to wait 1 to 2 days for it to arrive. Is there anything I can give her while I wait for it? She has a calcium block in her cage that I added recently having suspected that her calcium was low. She also gets lots of green veg - kale, spring greens, watercress etc which I believe have calcium in them. She is a bit fussy and isn't overly interested in nuts but I suppose I could try almonds.... If anyone has any ideas I'dreally appreciate it.
  7. I called the vets yesterday to find out the results. Unfortunately they had to send the bloods away to an external lab as their machine packed up. So I have to wait until Monday. Will let you all know the results.
  8. Yes, Rubytoo. My partner has the crazy idea that all birds lose weight in the winter which I think must be one of the biggest cases of verbal diahorrea ever. But yes I'm worried about the weight loss. Hopefully the vet will be able to tell me what's going on though. I'll let you all know how we get on.
  9. So, Cookie seems to be getting worse with her feather picking, not better - for all of the many things I have tried. I weighed her this morning and she's lost wieght and doesn't seem overly happy. So back to the vets for a third time. I'm going to ask for blood tests this time because I'm so worried, despite my partner thinking I overworry but it just doesn't seem right that she's lost weight. Please keep your fingers crossed for me that it's nothing serious.
  10. I've just caught up on this and I'm so sorry to hear the bad news. Poor darlings. My thoughts go out to you and to them.
  11. There's nothing new in her cage. Anything even close to new I have taken out just on the off chance that it's bothering her. I'm positive that we don't have mice but I haven't seen any spiders or insects near her cage. Once she's covered for the night she's fine - it just seems to be getting her into her cage when she reacts like this. We do have a lot of cats in this area but the curtains are closed at bedtime and I go out of my way to discourage them from coming into the garden or near the house. I'm mulling the idea of a sleep cage over for both Cookie and Zippy. I shall keep hunting for what is upsetting her and will try the 'going in the cage only' treat if I can find something that she likes enough...
  12. Well, it's nice to know I'm not the only one suffering with this issue. The situation has been further exasperated by the arrival of Alfie who is staying with us until next week. I think Cookie may be a bit frightened of him so we've moved his cage today so he's not in her line of sight. Here's to hoping that helps a little bit. I had to go out last night and my housemate had to put the birds to bed for me. It took him quarter of an hour just to get her to her cage! I just don't want to make it worse for her but I don't know what has changed to make her behave like this. Still, any advice or ideas ae welcome.
  13. Hi everyone, I'm in great need of some advice. I'm encountering a problem with Cookie that I've never had before and I don't know what I can do. Usually, when it gets to bedtime Cookie has always been happy to go into her cage to go to bed. For the last 5 days though I'm having great difficulty in gettingher into her cage. Her behaviour is agitated like something is upsetting her.I have no difficulty during the day but come bedtime she gets nervous. I have taken anything new out of her cage. I've ttried giving her something nice to eat. I've tried playing gentle music. Now I'm at a loss. What could be causing this? Has anyone else had this problem. We have been to the vet quite recently to have a check up and there is nothing wrong with her health. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I'm getting quite worried. Thanks all.
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