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  1. Thats a shame, however Rock Pebblers are an easy bird to keep, they are usually pretty quiet (except when waiting for breakfast) and they dont too much attention.
  2. We lost one last year but I cant see it making it up to there. Ours answered to "Hello Hymie"
  3. What would be wrong with sandstone? It would only be like a bird eating grit.
  4. My macaw loves to chew on large stones she finds when out (mineral stone not fruit) . She will bite and play with a piece of stone for ages. Is it a good idea to let her have one in her cage? Is it good for her beak or bad for it?
  5. jez

    Me and Tango

    Its really funny that after all the considerations we had while we chose to go for a BIGbird, none have been a problem. We worried she would be loud but she only calls loudly an odd time or two each day. We worried about the size of the beak and the bite, her bite hurts less than smaller birds that we have and she now knows that she shouldnt bite hard and usually stops when I tell her. We worried that she would not be happy when in her cage but thanks to toys and food she is fine. We were not too keen on having giant parrot poop on us, but she alredy knows to wait till she is on her cage to do it. The main thing that we have noticed is, compared to smaller parrots we have had, when she is airbourne she is not as agile, a bit like a jumbo jet she needs more air space and a bigger runway.
  6. Our new Macaw 'Tango' is coming along well, she loves to climb all over my wife and I. She also has an interest in hair styling and enjoys giving my wife a restyle whenever she lets her. Heres a piccy of Tango and Me.
  7. Her poo is so variable because she seems to like all food, everything I try she likes, except yoghurt. I was recommended to give her some food that is pro-biotic other than yoghurt what else can I give her that is pro-biotic ?
  8. I was a bit worries with it being very wet and not normal consistancy.
  9. Since I got my Macaw she has done some very wet poop first thing on a morning. It then settles down to normal. I spoke to the breeder who says this is ok. Can any other macaw owners let me know their birds pooing habits and opinions.
  10. jez

    Vet near Leeds

    York and Bradford are too further away I know there is a place on Street lane, which is an exotic pet centre but I have not heared from anyone who has used them. As I am sure you all know many vets dont know very much about parrots so please let me know af any experiences with good avian vets in my area.
  11. jez

    Vet near Leeds

    I live the North side of Leeds. Can anyone recommend a vet for me to register with? I have found Nigel Harcourt-Brown in Harrogate. Has anyone had expeience with him?
  12. If you saw her she always pestered us for crisps, even the rustle of a crisp bag made her come to me. Also if you call, Hello Hymie Hello bird, that my make her feel at home. She loved sloppy egg meal first thing on a morning.
  13. I have looked at the map and it is very possible that this is my bird. She has been seen in Fiddington, Tewkesbury. This is just under 4 miles from where she ws lost. I am going to phone the lady up this afternoon. Fingers crossed.
  14. Pm sent As she is a female her colouring is less bright and she is more green than yellow.
  15. Thanks, My bird is mush greener being a male. I will PM you later
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