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    I am one of the unfortunate ones. Despite the fact that we currently have around 38 Wind Turbines just off our coast, the government planning inspector approved the erection of 5 x 138 Mtr onshore wind turbines less than 1 kilometere from a densly populated area. The Inspectors reason for approval was that we did not have any onshore turbines in our county yet !
  2. Agree Steph that the ones showing on pretty pictures may not be always available but there are always dogs needing homes and I just do not understand why people want to pay some cruel breeder for a dog when they can rescue an unwanted or unloved dog instead. My animals have always been rescues and each one has been wonderful and different. I may not have ended up with what I originally thought I wanted but, the animal I did end up with has always proved a joy. Put these breeders out of business by not encouraging them to make a quick buck.
  3. Or even better, go to your local rescue centre and don't encourage these people to keep breeding dogs to sell.
  4. Quiet night in, will listen to Big Ben and toast in the New Year with a glass of bubbly and then try and pacify Bella when all the fireworks go off
  5. Great news Debs, agree with you, it is the best feeling to see a beautiful bird back in the place where it belongs.
  6. For first time ever I have had long tailed **** in our garden this year, so chuffed
  7. Hmm, sorry to hear that, yes it will affect him with the dog, don't really know what to suggest or what the best thing will be to be done in the situation. Unfortunately landlords are, so often, really funny about people keeping any sort of a pet
  8. I feel for him Karen. Landlords rarely want tenants with animals. I left home at 15 and accquired a dog, I can remember very well the battle it was to find bedsits where I was allowed to keep him and I often ended up living in veritable hovels because that was the only accomadation I could get with a dog, but he remained my faithful companion until he died and I was heartbroken when I lost him, still remember him very well even after all these years
  9. Think the peom was particularly poignant for me as we have a rescue staffie. When we got Bella, who was due to be put down as a pup, we were told by the lad that wanted to get rid of her that her parents mating had been a mistake as his Mums dog [the dad] and his dog [the mum] had got together by accident. As Bells was the runt of the litter, the last of the litter he could not sell her and he said he had to move out of his flat and could not take her with him, therefore she was going to the RSPCA to be put down unless a home could be found for her. We found out several months later that the mum and dad had got together again by "mistake", so obviously they are doing a breed session whenever they need a bit of cash!. We only took Bella on the condition that he accepted the £20 we offered, he must have been desperate for the cash as he took it gladly [although we would have offered more if he had refused]. As some of you know, since then Bells has had to have two lots of major surgery, one for the removal of the mass which should have been her second kidney and one for kneecap displacia in both hind legs. I just think that if we had not taken her, her fate would probably have been death at an early age or death at a later age when she could no longer be bred from. She is a little horror but such a loveable little horror without a nasty bone in her body towards people, although she can sometimes be a bit snappy if a dog gets in her face too much - but I think that is the nature of the breed.
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