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  1. I will try and get a photo of her later on. Camera is in a safe place and I need to remember where the safe place is lol. xxx
  2. Hi, I have a question about feather colouring in Yellow Crowned amazons. Echo is 4 years old coming up 5, and has recently started getting more yellow in her feathers on her chest and her back/wings. Is this normal or something I should worry about? diet linked? It isnt a massive change, just the edges of some feathers have a yellow tinge now where they didnt before. Is it to do with her age? I say her, she is just presumed female but hasnt been tested. Her behaviour hasnt changed, and her eating drinking has remained the same. She has plenty of fruit and veg in her diet, and also has palm oil spread added to a toast crust every morning. xxx
  3. Echo is toilet trained, she will only go when on her play tree or her cage. She has never pooped on me or anyone else since we have had her. If she is sitting with me, she will fly back to her tree or cage depending on which room we are in, and do it there. She taught herself to do this but it is great knowing that you are not gonna go out with poop down your back without realising it lol. x
  4. As far as I was aware, most birds require being knocked out to have their beaks dremelled down by a vet. I dont think I would want to risk having my bird knocked out unless it was absolutely necessary for their health. x
  5. I have never had the beaks done either, I think they do naturally keep them in shape as long as they have the correct food and a variety of different perches. I have had claws done when the bird was not handleable enough to do it myself. x
  6. Hi, your little Mango sounds adorable. I have a YC ammie called Echo, she (??) is 4 years old. Hope you have fun with your Hahns, they look like right characters. xx
  7. Lol then I am sure this cage would be more than enough room for Jess. Some birds use the space they are given. If not, then I guess having a massive cage, or having a smaller cage, doesnt make much difference. x
  8. I dont know how big Jess would be compared to Echo, I have met a Triton but it is hard to compare looking at both together. Not sure if Jess would be a bit longer than Echo however Echo plays really hard with all of her toys and throws herself around her cage so needs the room. She makes use of all of the space so wouldnt be happy with a smaller cage. x
  9. Hi, echo has plenty of room in the cage and lots of toys. I can try and get a photo later if you wanted? x
  10. I have the hacienda for echo and it is fab quality and lovely and roomy. Echo is a YC ammie who plays hard. I have the playtop one. xxx
  11. so sorry Nia, I didnt realise who Lizzy was on FB. Hope you are ok. xxx
  12. Name and Shame them. You have been more than fair, offering them money etc so they are not put out in any way. They just dont seem to care how you are feeling and everyone makes mistakes. They dont deserve anymore courtesy.
  13. Hi will try that with the coop cup thanks calley.........not sure how long the wood will last with chomp a chops lol but worth a go. suebarrass - that sounds like plenty of time out. Mine is just lucky that she can spend so long out. The other ammie (now in an aviary) was not handleable at all and was originally found in a garden by the previous owners friends. She didnt come out of long, usually a couple of hours each day was enough for her. She climbed over her cage, and only flew when my cheeky ammie got too in her face, so had to have them out at different times. All are much happier all round now. I am sure my ammie would like friendly bird company (ie a bird who could cope with her being so in your face wanting to play all the time) but as it is very hard to tell if birds will get on with each other, I am not sure if that will happen, not in the forseeable future at least.
  14. I use a variety of chains and leather as my ammie loves to chew and leather gives her something else to occupy her.
  15. I just wondered as I like to make sure that my ammie has a varied day as much as possible. She starts off in her cage, until I come down and give her breakfast. I then open her cage and put her on the playtop, where she has a variety of foot toys. She then has a couple of hours of chewing them, and throwing them on the floor for me to pick up every time I pass the cage (in the dining room/kitchen). She also munches through her food bowl in between the playing. She plays hard and rough and it sounds like a battle is going on with her banging her toys on the cage roof and throwing them around as hard as she can. I then bring her into the living room before lunch and she goes onto her play tree (hand made by hubby from an apple tree). It is covered with toys as well as having a couple of extra added perches. We have tried to attach a water bowl on but cant work out how to do it. She then spends a couple of hours on the tree throwing her toys, swinging upside down, singing, and turning the wooden toys into matchsticks. There are also a couple of foraging toys on there where i put some pine nuts for her to hide. She takes all of 2 seconds to get them out so need to find something more challenging for her. She will fly off the tree into the kitchen to follow me if left alone for a minute, she doesnt like to miss out on anything. She has once flown onto the arm of the sofa to be nosey and will fly to my hand if I stand up in either the living room or the dining room. I always take her back to the cage after a couple of hours to make sure she can eat and drink if she wants to. Once she has been on and in her cage for an hour or so, and I know she has eaten and had a drink, I will either leave her to play on the top or bring her back onto her tree. Mid afternoon she generally goes back into her cage to have a nap so she is left quiet then with the door open. If we go out, she is back in the cage with the door closed and she never creates about it. She has a flexible day, as long as her view is changed every so often and she has different toys to play with. She can be left all day if we go on a day out, without any problems she just plays happily in her cage. She has her tea the same time as the children otherwise she will sing loudly when they are trying to eat in the same room cos she wants some of their food lol. She gets the odd treat like a toast crust or crispy chip but mostly she has fruit and veg raw and cooked, and some complete parrot food. She also has palm nuts which is usually with her breakfast. In the evening, all of the kids are home, so she will tend to stay on the top of her cage playing whilst they get on with reading and homework. She isnt allowed out on her own with the youngest child as you cant trust either to be good to the other. I dont think she likes toddlers much as she tends to sneakily slope towards them and try to do a sly nip. So best keeping little fingers away. She will put herself to bed around 8pm when the children go upstairs, or if she is being stubborn I will put her back in her cage and close the door. She is then quiet with the dining room door closed until morning so she gets enough sleep otherwise she is a grump. Sorry for the essay.
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