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  1. I'm going to be buying a hand reared pair of cockatiels next week, but feeding information seems to vary quite a lot...except from dont feed too many seeds. I am aware you should feed plenty of fruit and veg and occasional table, foods but a bit unsure as what to provide as a staple diet. What does everyone feed their cockatiels?
  2. Foxes are too cute. We used to live in the countryside and our neighbours had fancy bantams and hens running around all over the place...oddly they never had a problem with foxes...it was more my cocker spaniel chasing the poor things about that caused a problem . Guess there were too many rabbits around for the foxes to bother.
  3. LOL...I was just a little concerned cos rats tend to be "up at night" and birds "up in the day". But now I think of it, my rats tend to get up whenever they feel like it lol!
  4. Really? I've read quite a lot that senegals dont normally mind being left, so long as you pay them attention in the evenings, and know quite a few people who work with smaller parrots and they all seem pretty happy and healthy? Also, if I get 2 plus wont they keep each other company?
  5. I keep a few small animals and I'm hoping to get a bird of some sort soon too...does anyone keep small animals in the same room as birds? Any idea if the bird noise is likely to stress out other animals, or if the dust might bother them?
  6. I guess its all to do with what you can handle, but I couldnt watch my dog suffer like that. Perhaps epilepsy but definitely not syringomyelia. Gary, OT but your conures are absolutely stunning!!
  7. I am keeping an eye out, thanks! I am really tempted by the cockatiels though, one of them has started coming up to the edge of the cage and putting his head down to get me to tickle the back of his neck...toooo cute.
  8. Signed. Was so gutted. I always wanted a boxer but I'm rethinking now. Think I may instead offer to adopt a ridgeless ridgeback as I have always found them to be incredible dogs, or just get a mongrel. What's also sad is that a lot of the straight crosses people are selling now...labradoodles, golden doodles, etc, will not necessarily be healthier but may just carry the breed problems from BOTH breeds...I have already heard that labradoodles can be prone to heart disease. Did anybody else feel that some of those dogs would be better put to sleep? I know its sad to think about but that cavalier looked absolutely demented, like the poor lamb had no idea of what was going on around it, and is syringomyelia is really as painful as the programme made out to be, the poor thing must be in absolute agony. Either that or try the surgery that was shown in the programme. Imagine the pain of having a brain that doesnt fit inside your skull, how awful.
  9. One cheeky little man by the name of Thor...just a bog standard beardie but soooo cute and naughty. here's he begging for food if anyone wants to see: http://i389.photobucket.com/albums/oo331/SquishyDragon/XL800121.jpg with raspberry all over his face: http://i389.photobucket.com/albums/oo331/SquishyDragon/4712830028a6676735157l.jpg and sticking his tongue out lol: http://i389.photobucket.com/albums/oo331/SquishyDragon/bitoftongue.jpg (ignore messy tank, just prior to cleaning) You are very lucky that he likes his veg misfits, Thor sulks and throws hissies on his "veg only" days. Have you tried him on locusts? Mine adores them more than anything else, might be good to encourage him to eat a bit more animally stuff. Yeah dragon poo does whiff something shocking. I quite fancy a water dragon myself next, but Thor does tend to rub his snout off the viv glass and I've heard water dragons are much worse with that![/img]
  10. Fife would be OK...do you know if they're breeding any of the types I'm interested in?
  11. Thankees, I will look into Pionus and conures as well. Not seeming to have much luck with breeders of birds round here though, Scotland sucks sometimes .
  12. Parrotlets are cute but I'm really after a birdie thats a bit bigger. I dont mind the odd screech or squawking session, I know all birds get noisy, so long as it isnt going to go on 12 hours a day and have the neighbours banging on the doors with pitchforks lol. And I wont mind the noise myself at all, just concerned about the neighbours is all.
  13. Cockatiels a definitely possibility then . I work in a pet shop and we have some lovely hand-reared ones in at the mo. I know buying from pet shops isnt generally advised, but I've been spending a fair amount of time with them and two are absolute sweeties...the third is much scareder (real word? :oops: ) but v pretty. Plus its a pretty quiet wee pet shop, not like Pets at Home or anything. I do like senegals tho. And caiques (who I've also heard can be noisy). Perhaps I should get all three. :twisted: Thanks Madmudmob should be informative!
  14. Hi to everyone, this is my first post! Basically wanted to pick everybody's brain about parrots. Previously I have kept budgies and lovebirds, but its been a very long while. I'm moving house soon to a fairly quiet residential area and I'm hoping to purchase a new winged friend . Anything noisy enough to annoy the neighbours is definitely out. Other than that I'm looking for a smaller parrot, but bigger than a budgie, that will have plenty of attention from me and my housemate in the evening and wont mind too much being left alone during the day...I am happy to buy a pair that may become less tame if it means they will be happier, so long as they are tame enough to handle and let out to fly...not too fussed about talking either. So far I was thinking along the lines of Senegals or a pair of cockatiels...but I've heard varying reports of their noisiness. Any suggestions? Oh, and if anybody knows of any birdie breeders in central Scotland (I'm in Edinburgh) they can point me in the direction of, I would be most grateful!
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