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  1. WOW thats amazing looks like i might have to invest in a bigger home for the family
  2. Thanks for the answer guys i will pass info on to them... 4 days and still all ok except the father in law says he attacked if he trys to get to close to there home Can anybody answer my previous question ..is it normal to have eggs so frequently especially after 3 years of nothing
  3. My lorikeet has just had 2 babys !!! I phoned my wifes parents in Thailand today and they said thet 2 days ago they went to feed them and heard some addional noise, went inside to check there little home to find 2 xtra Now need some advice what should we be doing if anything IE:seperating/feeding........... Also wanted to know if this is normal we have had them for 3 years and had no eggs moved them into a big avory i had built and 2 months later had a round of eggs which were laid on the floor we lost due to another lori (number 3) who broke them, then 3 months later another set this time they are safe as the eggs where in the home and not on the floor I am gutted to have missed this i am here in Uk and have no way of getting back now until April due to my wifes pregnancy (its all going on here )[/img]
  4. Please let us see more piccys as it grows into its beauty
  5. Thanks for the replys Lori2keep i wish i had the bird with me here to show, when i am back in october i will make some more photos tooie i am thinking along the same lines as you rainbow and dusky, under the wings it same colour as its legs (they look like a pair of red socks)............also interesting photos you have in your photobucket
  6. I am in UK now, the birds are in Thailand ok MadMudMob thanks for the links will take a look
  7. lol , the police dont even enforce helmets and one way streets in thailand that well Net so no problems there.... I know they are not the best but we have looked for a harness and all i have been able to find are too big and its standard procedure out there to do it that way
  8. Its not so nice in the morning when you have a hangover Also will never toilet in bed will wait untill one of us wakes up in the night , we just hold him over side of bed and he does his stuff onto the tile floor
  9. Has a chain/clip around leg, never has a problem with us putting it on as it knows its time to go out when we do...
  10. Thanks Freddie , soon we will have had for 3 years and no eggs but my wife catches them at it all the time
  11. I have been told Polar is a lorikeet but have been unable to find another near this colouring and when i bought its best friend was a dusky, 3 months later Polar still remembered the dusky and straight away started playing like they had never been apart If anyone can enlighten me on breed or info would be appreciated
  12. This is my other friend Polar Is a great companion sleeps in a little box compartment in our headboard of bed and wont go into it until we are both in bed (has been known to stand waiting for over an hour for me because i wanted one last drink in local bar when my wife had gone home to bed) and will tap me with its beak on my head if i am not awake by 9am, will follow us into shower and has to have its 2 mins of fun before we can start, ..Also likes to sit on handle bars of my motorbike when we go out Polar http://imageshack.us http://g.imageshack.us/g.php?h=177&i=dscn6940re8.jpg
  13. Heres a closer photo on Bom http://imageshack.us http://g.imageshack.us/g.php?h=411&i=bobom53if3.jpg
  14. Thought i would introduce myself with a couple of photos of my Lori's, both myself and wife miss them alot as we have been unable to bring them to UK but the parents look after them well and they allways remember us on our return trips Bo & Bom http://imageshack.us http://g.imageshack.us/g.php?h=292&i=bobom3sq2.jpg
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