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    i just watched the dvd on parrots of australia and have to say i didnt realise the diversity of parrots in aus. Fascinating. Now wondering if there are some on parrots from other places.
  2. i was wondering greg if you give the seed just soaked overnight or if you wait for it to sprout. I currently buy the as20 (i think) and soak some of it but pick out the unsproutable bits, then give it another day or so to sprout.
  3. I use ace high for vit and feather up occasionally. Neither all the time depends on whether i think kc is getting enough vit A. KC loves pomegranites and figs at the moment, and purple sprouting broccolli(for some reason not so keen on the green one!)but they get a mix of sugar snaps, apple, carrot, celery, cucumber, blueberries, raspberries, redcurrants, blackberries, banana, passion fruit (another fav), pak choi, sweetcorn, curly kale etc (Not all in one day just whatever i have in and i try to change it about and also use whatever other things i can find that they like. I sprout chickpeas mung beans and aduki beans....soak for 24 hours then leave to sprout (lots of rinsing to make sure they dont spoil) i also soak some of their seed mix and give as soon as the sprouts start to appear. They get some of these everyday. The only time they get dry seed is overnight. I also give them a cooked bean and grain mix warm in the evening which has sweet potatoe, butternut squash, spinach and other veg in. It sounds alot but this is an overview of the types of foods mine get as i said before not everything in one go just bits from the list. Thought it may give you some ideas. KC goes mad for her evening walnut and she also loves palm nuts. There is probably loads more i havent thought of now. today having just peered into the bowl there is also orange and persimmon.
  4. stunning ammie. it seems you are doing very well with him. the stress which caused the overpreening should have settled by now so as new feathers come in he should look even more handsome than he already does. You can get a powder suplement to add to his food to help feather condition or during moulting.....feather up. But maybe just some extra vitamins will be a good idea. You could try sprouting some mung aduki or chickpeas to see if he likes them and also try sprouting some of his seed mix. But he looks to be very happy and you are doing a great job with him. Well done
  5. how lovely that he has ended up with someone who cares. As for advice i would say have a read throught the info topics as already suggested and if you have any specific questions please post loads of us will willingly help. I dont know what his diet is or what he is used to but does he eat fresh foods, sprouts that sort of thing? If you are not sure what type he is post a pic there are loads of people on here who will know. Good luck with him.
  6. kc eats very little seed but plenty of the soaked sprouted and fresh stuff and the warm cooked grain legume mix with veg i give in the evening so as long as hes eating the sprouts etc i wouldnt worry. I literally just put about a tblsp of seed mix in in the evening plus her walnut she eats the walnut and a few seeds but thats all she needs and she gets a palm nut every other day the tidymix is hulled so not sure it is good for sprouting
  7. my gcc has quite alot of pins at the moment but each evening she allows me to gently rub the ends of the sheaths off. If left though she does rub them off herself either on a toy or with a tail feather she pulls round by holding with her foot then using it to rub her head!lol
  8. i have a female sennie so look forward to seeing photos and hearing how you are getting on. Out of interest why do some people recommend females?
  9. No such thing as a beginner bird its a bird for life and you will learn as you go along on top of the research before you buy. I have a sennie and yes she is wonderful but quite strong willed. She prefers my hubbie but with work will now accept certain things from me again. She is a pleasure to watch, not scared of anything eats everything and can dismantle toys in record time. A big bird in a little body. If mine is anything to go by they are always busy, always up to something and i wouldnt change mine for the world
  10. Nel looks lovely reminds me of my Bobby
  11. i agree i have a sennie but used to have bobby meyers and he was a character
  12. Personally i wouldnt clip the wings as stated above there are lots of topics on here discussing this. OWAs are quite clumsy fliers i think well kc is yet she hasnt hurt herself. Another suggestion for trying fresh foods could be to put chunks of corn on the cob or apple carrot etc onto a stainless steel kabob and hang in the cage this serves as a toy and so may help to spark some interest in the food. Persevere though it could take a while
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