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  1. They look normal to me as well, perhaps leave his bath for a while just let him settle in. Val
  2. Snailmum

    my baby chucky

    Do so hope Chucky gets better soon. Val
  3. Snailmum

    Palm Cockatoo

    Just curious, does anyone have one? Val
  4. Snailmum

    Angel's 1st day home

    So, so cute!!! Val
  5. Snailmum

    Baby Galah

    I can!!! she is gorgeous!! Val
  6. Snailmum

    Tomorrow is the day! - today

    Glad you have your baby at long last!! Val
  7. Snailmum

    His obedient servant...

    He obviously needs you there all the time so you'll just have to pack up work!!!! Val
  8. Snailmum

    Just got news....

    Hope all goes well for you now. Val
  9. Snailmum

    Ew, bugs!

    Can you use this near aquatics? I would like to use this but I also have fish tanks. Val
  10. Snailmum

    Help Please!! Baby Amazon

    Oh do let us know how you get on, I shall be wondering now if the little bird is OK. Lets hope that the parents allow it to come back until it is ready to leave. Val
  11. Snailmum

    Kobe's after dinner ritual

    Absolutely!! What a lovely little guy he is. Val
  12. Snailmum

    Help Please!! Baby Amazon

    Yes, definitely a small spoon if necessary.
  13. Snailmum

    advice please

    It's just that birds are so very good at hiding their illness that by the time they start to show it, it is already too late. Obviously fast diagnosis gives the bird a chance, albeit remote, but in the majority if cases it will not make any difference. Val
  14. Snailmum

    advice please

    Yes I know they can do tests, but these tests take time and lets face it if the bird can be saved then speed is the essence.! In actual fact by the time a bird looks ill it is already past saving. add to that the stress of actually going to the vets and it has no chance. Val
  15. Snailmum

    advice please

    WOW!!! So pleased to hear that!! Val