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  1. scam, theres alot of them asking for you to pay for the bird to be flown to your nearest airport, keep clear xx
  2. i will probably change it in a few years when i read more about parrots, but for now with just budgies it should be ok, thanks for explaining it all to me tho
  3. ah i see it was on a roll from focus and can bend it
  4. all i know is my wire is 1/2inch by 1/2 inch unsure of thickness
  5. how come that wire isnt strong enough ? its the galvanised 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch expensive stuff lol Yes very helpful thanks brooke x
  6. As some of you may have seen i posted another post saying i couldnt get my aviary built...well GOODNEWS someone is doing it for me on sunday ..but now i come across another problem. Before i even attempt to try with parrots i thought about getting a few budgies in there first can anyone give me any advice on this.....ie: What sort of next boxes do you need? is there a certain ratio..females to males or one each? if i wanted to hand rear how do i go about that? do i need to give them special food when breeding? what months do they breed? So sorry for all the questions but i thought if i get the hang of budgies first i then can move on the parrots in a few years (forgive me if this post is in the wrong forum) thanks for any help xxx
  7. Because my son cant watch the robins, ive shown him the pics but i dont want him to scare mum bird off n she abandons them, the robins got used to me as ive sat there for weeks watchin her lol...but i sooooooo want my aviary ((
  8. well ive never had any nest in my garden before but its right next to my back door, n i sit out there on the doorstep every day n night having a cuppa watching, n ill see mum n dad robin jump on the fence next to me, and they sort of bob about n do a dance with a worm in there mouth which i believe is " get up and go in we need to feed our babies" coz as soon as i close door n peep out window they pop in n feed them lol...lovely to watch
  9. Hi all been watching a nest box in my garden all week....here are a few pics!!... http://i291.photobucket.com/albums/ll282/emma2kk8/bdaypicsnaviary037-1.jpg (eggs) http://i291.photobucket.com/albums/ll282/emma2kk8/bird002.jpg (mummy bird) http://i291.photobucket.com/albums/ll282/emma2kk8/bird004.jpg (babies few hrs old) http://i291.photobucket.com/albums/ll282/emma2kk8/bird005.jpg (one day old, sooo cute!!!)
  10. oh they are lol...could even stretch to a full english
  11. lol how about as many cups of tea as u want, bacon butties at the ready and my lovely charm n ull do it coz u love to help ppl out lmao
  12. what a wonderful thing you helping him like that, what a lovely bird! im sure youll have great fun together, i find it amazing how alot of you find these neglected birds to rehome, ive been trying to help one for over 6 yrs but never hear of any that need help...such a shame because i know theres alot out there needing help from us, goodluck with him n keep us posted
  13. aw thanks brooke i hope it gets done soon too, yes shame your not closer lol
  14. lol hot....wud have to be summat special to get him down lol
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