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  1. LAM I was not calling you a bad bird keeper, what I was saying was although yours and alan H's birds had been out bathing nothing was said but because NPS birds were out that was wrong...The point I was making was no matter if NPS ticked every box, some would still moan which makes for sad reading imo.
  2. I find it rather strange when NPS birds bathe in cold weather there is fault finding but no comments towards the members who have stated their birds have been bathing in their water in this weather....hmmmmm like I have always thought don't let fact get in the way of a good moan :wink:
  3. How sad that this has happened. No matter what the weather in whatever part of the world wildlife and humans alike suffer. You'd think man would have leaned by now that we are supposed to care for EVERY living thing not just ourselves. Hope things cool down a little for you over there, in fact I hope you get some rain - loads of it
  4. Yep lol, I think it was to see fair play and everyone got a bit of bread and milk.
  5. I'm fed up of it now. Went to our local Netto today for milk and bread had none of either, so went again later, there was a guard on the bread shelf you were allowed 1 half loaf of wholemeal as that is all that had got through and there was also a guard on the milk allowing 2 cartons per customer. Heard on the news some towns/villages not even had that so I feel for those people having to do without and of course those that have lost power, they must be very cold, poor things.
  6. There should be plenty of those about right now rofl
  7. I bet you're copying the dancing tree Roz now your kids are around you. Have a loverly Christmas xxx
  8. Baby rattles are ok but be sure to check they are strong and of course they would need a good wash. I see the improvements to the cage set up but in my opinion it is still rather bland not much colour or variety. I know you say about being fussy with new things but sometimes you have to show you know best and just insist they have loads to do even if they protest. It might be the case that left alone to deal with these new intruders is the way to go.
  9. Olly is 9 J is 3 and they are 30 minutes away just spoke to her.
  10. managed to get hold of her, she is just gomg through Grimsby, she says she has had to drive 30mph cos the roads are bad :shock: Says she thinks she will be here for 1am. i am utterly fuming. Some mothers should have their kids removed from their care :cry:
  11. Sister set off at 10 15pm I am fuming, bringing 2 kiddies out in this all cos she is scared the kids will not get a present if she don't get here and that is not the worst of it, her car is a bucket, no roadside cover and she has no credit on her moby, I am having visions of having to go out and find them cos the car has broken down. I am not happy atm.
  12. Been snowing here since 8pm, my sister is supposed to be coming in the morning for breakfast, a 110 mile trip I doubt she will make it.
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