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  1. My parrot is quite used to going outside in the garden and sitting on the small bushes etc in the garden..even when I go out in the garden he will fly up to my shoulder.. and sit there and enjoy it... But today he was on my sisters shoulder and she walked out and he flew up and got out of sight.. we all ran after him and looked for him. We found him sat on top of a tree.. And he wasnt comming down or listening to our calls.. I was gonna get a ladder and go up the lamp post next to him but it was a bit dangerous because there was a massive slop.. I rang everywhere i could (even non relevent places like 999 lol) Asked police what i can do..everyone kept telling me there is nothing they can do.. I also tried the fire brigade. RSPCA didnt even pick up the phone for half hour.. Finally after about an hour.. He flew out of the tree and came back to our garden and on to my moms shoulder.. which was highly unlikely.. I learnt my lesson..which is never to trust a bird outside without a harness..hes never going out in the garden again..
  2. Yes i did read through MMM's topic.. Im gonna be buying a larger cage if im getting another parrot..so both can go in at the same time so it wont be anyones territory if they do have probs like that.. Im just hoping age difference is not gonna be a problem. Meanwhile im looking out for meyers or senegals that need to be rehomed..if anyone knows of any pls let me know
  3. My senegal parrot 5 months old does it these days as well.. he was ok for about 2 weeks after i bought him.. bt then the biting started.. maybe he is just playing the "small child who goes to stay with Aunty" like mad mud mob said Hopefully he will stop it soon
  4. Hi guys I have a 5 month old senegal parrot (jasper) and I was wondering if getting him a mate is a good idea.. Also if i was to get another bird for him, i was hoping to adopt an older bird who is not being looked after somewhere properly rather than buying a young bird from breeders again. Can anyone who knows more about birds tell me if the age difference is going to be a problem between these two? also what other parrot can i keep with my senegal? Maybe senegals or mayers? Any advise will be appreciated.. thanks in advance..
  5. My senegal (Jasper)is seeking too much attention.. Whenever i go past the cage he will follow me as much as he can and acidently jump in his water bowl etc.. and he always want to sit on my hand.. sometimes i jus walk away and im not sure if im supposed to do that because he looks well upset when i walk away..hes been playing with me for nearly 3-4 hours non stop and when i put him in the cage coz its getting late.. he still wants to play.. Is there something i need to do? Like not play with him as much? btw he is 16 weeks old
  6. Im not sure if this is normal.. My senegal parrot dont eat much food in his cage.. in a day he eats maybe 15-20 of the sunflower seeds.. which is nothing compared to what my budgies eat in a day(budgie food).. when he comes out.. we feed him fruits.. he loves grapes a lot.. also loves bananas and strawberries.. he seems to eat the fruits more.. should i stop doing it? because most of the fruits are very juicy ones which makes his 'dirty' watery.. or maybe i should stick to dried fruits? he is only 16 weeks old and only had him for 2 days now. sorry to bother u guys if this is a stupid question..but as this is my first parrot.. everything he do is worrying me and i check on the internet to see if it is normal thanks J
  7. Hey guys.. I just got this little fella, his name is Jasper. He is 16 weeks old.I love him to bits. Hes very messy when he eats..as you can see.. (hopefully its normal)or maybe because he is still a kid? Hes also very tame and friendly.. Only problem we have right now is he chews on anything.. including my finger.. most of the time its just nibbling bt sometimes it hurts. Im sure hes not trying to push me away by biting because he fly up on top of my arm and goes for the fingers.. Btw he has also chewed some of his toys off.. (took the ladder out coz he nearly chewed them off) Anyway hope it gets better.. Im glad to be here on a forum with lots of parrot lovers!! have a nice one !! click for pic :arrow: http://i226.photobucket.com/albums/dd308/alcistis/27072008081.jpg
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