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  1. Probably not if my partner and i get work offshore it would be cruel to own even a budgie. I would rather spend alot of time with my pet but if im going to be going offshore then i would rather not put them through that. I may be going offshore in about 5 months. :cry:
  2. I know, I am frustrated at how i cannot find any quaker breeders in Scotland :cry:
  3. Cute I think we're very limited to quaker breeders here, i haven't seen a quaker in the flesh here.
  4. I am not put off, I used to have a parent reared budgie for 3 years she was very human and tame for a little budgie. At the time my papa used to look after her for us but im not sure who would now. I take medication for my allergies and they are fine (mentioned this in my previous post) Just that not having a cockatiel before i was unsure if they were going to be natured like a budgie (If either or turned out like what Josie was i'd be estatic) Its amazing she was parent reared and look how she turned out. They only big problem is going to be looking after him/her when im away on holiday because it is booked. Maybe my neighbour? Not sure she does smoke alot. P.S I found a budgie breeder the next town away and a cockatiel breeder about 50 miles away
  5. I am allergic to dust mites and dust does irritate me aswell as hayfever but i take meds for it. Is it hard keeping both a budgie and a cockatiel together if raised young? I would probably rather get them hand reared. We were gonna explore the option of a senegal or pionus parrot but they do live for a very long time and im not sure what would happen, as we like to holiday abroad alot. Do you know of any cockatiel/budgie breeders in Scotland?
  6. Are they like budgies? I remember having some really good laughs with mine, she was parent reared but she was so tame and thought she was one of us. Are they different at all, prone to any illnesses? I'd just be worried because my partner and i work nights my little bird would be bored.
  7. Im ready to add a new member to my family I've had budgies before and love them but never had any experiance with quakers nor cockatiels. I want to buy one hand reared. What would you recommend? We want a bird that loves to play but wont be bored so easily when we're working at night. I know budgies are ok on their own what about the others? Are they as easy to take care of as budgies? I love affectionate birds that can bond with more than one person and not get aggressive. The baby budgie i had before was parent reared and she was more human than budgie Thanks all
  8. Hey, are quaker parakeets like green cheek conures? I take it the GCC are very cuddly? I think they may be out of our price range but the quakers are as high as we would go for now.
  9. It depends because my boyfriend and I work different shifts but I work nights and would be able to play for 2 hours per day and off for 3 days so i could spend all those days with them. I wonder if there are people that breed quaker parrots, budgies and cockatiels here.
  10. Hi there how do the GCC compare to budgies? I've owned a few in my life Are they easy to take care of etc, i work full time too. Do you know where i can find a breeder close to Scotland? Thanks
  11. Thanks, i read the links you gave me too but i'd rather ask a seprate question i just posted
  12. Hi all, I need some help in deciding what type of bird to get in August, September time. I've had budgies before and I love them dearly but mine only lived for 3 years and died with a tumour :cry: I would buy a budgie again but im not sure how long they life for, if cockatiels are not as prone to illness like budgies etc. I am scared that mine will not live for very long, i was also thinking of getting a cockatiel, monk parakeet or a green cheek conure. Firstly i checked the breeders directory but there doesn't seem to many breeders in Scotland :cry: Does anyone know any breeders at all there? Does it matter if you get a young parent reared bird or is it better hand reared? Which of these birds would say were more socialable and cuddly, that love to play but are not as demanding as cockatoos etc. Any help, info would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Hi, does anyone know a part in the forum where i can ask questions about various species of parrots? I would like to know peoples take on the ones above. Also on the directory i couldn't find many breeders in Scotland, which is disappointing :cry:
  14. I am really interested in cockatiels, monk parakeets and green cheek conures. If I could get a monk parakeet or green cheek here in Scotland I'd get them but i think we're pretty limited here? I looked into senegals too but they are a tad expensive is it true that they live for 30 years as does the pionus? The pionus is a great little bird too from what i've heard but if its going to be a life long commitement im not sure.
  15. Thank you Theres only one breeder in Scotland and only have 2 of the birds im interested in :cry: :cry: :cry:
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