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  1. i know the person caring for him very well and he is in safe hands, hes alovely little chap , very chirpy and active and friendly,likes being spoken to but not so keen to be handled, he was taken to a vet surgery after being found in a garden over a week ago and as yet his owner has not come forward :cry: fingers crossed they do, every little advertising for his new owner to come forward helps so thanks for that, and if they dont come forward i can assure u the person caring for him will ensure he is found a good home poss with friends where he can be loved and cared for
  2. i think its best to ask why without slanging them on open forums really , there may be a genuine reason, have u pmd them to ask elle? if there is a genuine reason why they have to sell one it would be pretty heartless to jump to conclusions without knowing the full story so i would at least pm them to ask before slating them, are they a regualar member here? sorry but it does seem unfair to jump to conclusions and talk about them before finding out all the facts in my opinion to be fair
  3. my lorikeet likes to bath daily hun i have a coop type dish he jumps in and gives himself a good scrub lol, the sponge, water and honey does go down well they love it and plenty of nectar and fruit. they are comical and mischevious to watch and im sure u will have lots of funny times and memories together ive found they like to be involved in everything(very nosy) and are great companions and the poo is projectile and messy but kept under control with cleaning isnt so bad- hes gorgeous hun congrajulations
  4. deano i think u have to say in your mind and be strong enough to know that at some point the bird in question will be going to a new home - altho sad occasion to see them happy in their new home really makes it worthwhile and also by knowing you helped make some part of the birds life happier it is reward in itself - its by no means easy and there will always be some that you cant help but feel attached - but again you have to weigh up what would be best for the bird and what you can offer, and in these circumstances u have to be able to say u cant keep them all, in a way u are making a difference by being there for that bird but helping them even more to be able to cater for their needs . as u said u knew ur life wasnt stable enough to keep ur grey and much as u were attached u did what u deemed right at the time for the bird, bearing in mind what u could offer and how others could offer, u could go on forever taking them in by the thousand unfortunately in this day and age but thats where u know ur limit of what u can truly cope with and ability give the very best - especially when some are in such a state its easy to feel sorry for them but then u step back and think ok i can offer this but would that be enough to tend all its needs. its by no means easy and im sure that everybody here can tell u that but its worthwhile when u make progress and see it through. i would like to add to that its not only what u can cope with to take into account- its ur family, ur circumstances and future chnages for example as i said on the last thread if u had a terminal illness who would care for the birds then? if u are not working what happens if u suddenly need to?- it may never happen but its good to think ahead, if u took in say 100 birds if ur circumstances chnaged thats 100 birds that need to be rehomed and put them in the position they already came from yet again- i think for this reason i would moderate the numbers so that i knew i would be able to cope personally. topics like these are good to raise- not to be bitchy but to open thinking and awareness of things u may not have even considered
  5. i have just read this thread from start to finish and taken in each individual post rather than jumping ahead and looked at this logically. i am saddened and ashamed that a members opinions cannot be taken into account- shocked also at how this has been turned into a slanging match started not by the person raising the concern but by those who are quick to judge. let me relay facts so u see where im coming from: vicky raised a valid question re how many becomes too much to cope with pl mod suggests ask pauline/parrot lady- this came across as a blatant arguement towards this member whom i do not know but gives the wrong impression and makes this person look like they cannot care for their animals when in reality can probably care deeply for their animals- this person is also mentioned many times throughout the thread in quite a nasty vile manner from pl members which is deeply hurtful and sad - if i had made those accusations i would feel extremely ashamed of myself it was actually a member from here who brought up jebirds (june isnt it?) and how she cares for her animals- which has then descended into a war between vicky and jebirds over their opinions INSTIGATED BY A MEMBER OF PARROTLINK- that is so sad and shameful an embarrassment to the genuine members here who have the birds interest as top priority i tend to agree with vicky there is a time when u must know ur limit and how much you can take on before it means cutting corners and depriving the birds already in your care - regardless of how much supported by any other organisations such as the rspca etc - to quote jebirds says she normally has 4 hours sleep per night (3-7)- as somebody who does not slep well i also know that at some point this catches up with u and that although your body can get used to surviving on those few hours there will always be a time when you become ill, have an accident etc - what happenes then if there are too many to cope with?? and i think that should be a valid point to consider from the posts i have read so far i must say that most of the slanging and accusations have been instigated by parrotlink members in support of jebirds(support is fine but know your facts first before the vile accusations spill from your mouths). as i understand things vicky also runs a rescue and having looked into the details of this rescue i see they also run from scotland to cornwall and have a good success rate . surely the main thing is the interest of the parrots in our care , people will always do things differently but we should be allowed to have freedom of speech(sopmething we are able to do less and less in life unfortunately), i do think if you do not set yourself limits taking into account illness etc there will problems in the future, for example if you contracted a terminal illness how on earth would these birds be rehomed, you would not then be trying to rehome 1, 2 or 3, but hundreds, unfortunately none of us know what is around the corner in our lives and therefore its something we should prepare for and think ahead for . as i have already said i am sickened and ashamed at the behaviour of the members here who have dragged other people into the debate as parrotlink members (everybody here is a member!!) i would feel very embarassed to have taken part in a blatant crusade of anger beyond what was needed in such a vile and cruel manner and attitude. apalling ..... truly appalling
  6. positive vibes on their way to u along with hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx good luck hun
  7. trifle has a good way of making u feel better , after the dog bite did u feel a little bit /fed up maybe and the trifle makes u feel better- i always find sweet things taste better and usually help u feel better if ur feeling a bit down in the dumps. hope the face has cleared up a bit now, it was a stressful and emotional experience hun maybe ur feeling a tad low after the incident thats not showing outwardly. (((((((((hugs))))))))))
  8. the chick is about 14-16 days old so still quite young yes - will have a look
  9. hiya i have a cockatiel chick who on having a good luck today seems to have a large lump under its tummy/tail vent area its quite large but not solid about the size of a golf ball, can anyone help or know of something similar ?
  10. i think sparky has settled in really well as he has learnt a lot of new words , bearing in mind before i met him he had never been heard to speak at all , the previous owner had rescued him 3 months before and never heard him so was in shock when i turned up for him to hear him say 'hello good boy and come on then ' heres his vocab now hes saying so much more and often sits chattering to himself when hes playing etc come on then theres a good boy aww thats good hello christopher sod off what ya doin? shut up ouch biscuit also noticed if i say stay there then he will wait for me to return his prob with attacking u food times is also now gone hes not doing that at all now hes trying to mate with my hand and hes more active and playful now, will snuggle in to ur neck and stopped cleaning the teeth so muc so all in all hes really improved and im so proud of him .xxx
  11. i beleive hun, and actually have my own chat site where we do free readings and chat and make new friends , classes also held there for those who want to learn, there are a lot of mediums out there who are fake but there are also some genuinely good ones out there. i too have odd things that happen around the house kettles going on by themselves ive seen shadows heard voices etc, and altho i get odd bits and peices here and there i dont class myself as a medium. check out my website if ur interested , one member who comes in there is a very well known medium that reads all over uk in spiritualist churches. altho we are a spiritual site , we often like to just catch up and chat to others and have a good laugh , many a nite ive cried with laughter , we also have events but check out the website for dates etc. i agree that u cannot force a read , information will only ever come to u if u need it, its not like u can just call spirits up and chat , they come to u and often when u least expect them, i beleive its given as a gift and should be used as such thats why i never charged a fee for site and kept everything free except events which are donations made to charitys /organizations that get no other funding and rely on donations
  12. hiya brendanpaul , welcome to the forum
  13. hope u have a great time princetaz
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