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  1. thanks for all the advice, ill get her on the road to recovery
  2. p.s dont ask me how the hell im going to rub mite stuff and stuff that encourages feather growth /repair onto her!! she'l eat me alive
  3. her antibiotics, calcium for her water, food, mite killer, cage mite killer ext has come to over £100,its killed me but its all worth it. shes registered at prescott in morpeth but its 2 weeks til im off so hopefully when i take her the treatment would have settled everything.
  4. lessons always learned..for me and others, im just glad she'l be fine now and im looking forward to seeing the improvements, shes fine in herself, not quieter or less cuddly.
  5. i know nothing about mites just trusting willows parrotdise (registered bird charity) in what he says hes took in birds for most his life and cared for them. im not blaming breeder im not scared to take responsibility myself thats why i was guilty, but we got all of our "wholesome" food from him and it looked fine to me until willows parrotdise compared it to his, i tried ringing the breeder but hes changed number
  6. sorry i forgot to mention the calcium im getting at weekend too, . if she doesnt improve in a few weeks (which im sure she will) ill take her to prescott (closest avian vet)
  7. hi there just to let you know i took buddy to willows parrotdise last week after she didnt improve and he suspects mites due to crumbling feathers, we took her over with some of her food and he said weve been supplied with off food (aniseed smell) this being the cause of her mites and also fungus on her feet. we are picking up her antibiotics this weekend , mite powder and good food for her, glad ive got this sorted in time that food could have killed her! feel so guilty but so happy she will be ok now! its funny our breeder has changed his number!!
  8. thanks so much ill get her checked anyway but im not panicking now!
  9. :arrow: http://i402.photobucket.com/albums/pp105/kevin1983_photos/singing083.jpg her usual stunning self 6 week ago
  10. shes just tured 19 month old ive had her since she was 12 weeks, she gets out everyday and has fresh fruit and veg everday, shes extremely happy, loud and has an amazing vocab. the breeder rang me 6 weeks after getting her saying that her sister had dropped down dead and asked if ours was ok. im sure the breeder said it was down to teflon but m not 100% henc why im trying to contact him
  11. the second photo is the best i could get but it doesnt show really the bald patch as bad as it is
  12. :arrow: http://i402.photobucket.com/albums/pp105/kevin1983_photos/singing194.jpg :arrow: http://i402.photobucket.com/albums/pp105/kevin1983_photos/singing195.jpg
  13. im seriously worried, i think my 18 month old grey has beak and feather disease!! 2 weeks ago i noticed her beak was really long almost like a new one is trying to grow ontop and a few days ago i noticed a very small bald patch on her neck and this morning it is significally bigger!! she does not pluck she is a very happy and looked after cutie, vets in my area are useelss where do i take her (sunderland), i cant get in touch wth her breeder her appearance is quite shabby too and shes normally perfect shall i put some photos on so you can have a look?
  14. just some sad news we have heard, my friends dog (british red and white bulldog) has died age 11 weeks. he bought the pup 3 weeks ago for £2,000 and 4 days ago after feeding her her regular evening tiny diced lamb she wolfed it down too quick and choked, after helping her to bring the lamb up the pup was heavy breathing so he rushed her to vet and the vet said her lung had ruptured and she was dying, he gave her an injection to ease the pain and within 20 minutes she was gone. my friend is inconsolable! the vet said it was unfortunate and had seen so many bulldogs swallow things they shouldnt or choke as they have a tiny tube and greedy nature. RIP little one
  15. hi i would like to say hi to you all im safc1983 and i have a 15month old tongo grey called buddy who is a real character and can talk 4 britain
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