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    Just wanted to share my grief for the loss of my dear winged friend Milly she was a happy cheerful cockatiel who lived a full and happy life and passed away she will be greatley missed
  2. Hi thank you but I dont think I could do that lol
  3. Thats very helpful Thank you Do you know where I can get one with a Flight line I looked on ebay and it seems they are not trading at the momment
  4. I am trying so hard to give my Parrot as much freedom as possible he no longer has a cage ( dont know if that is best thing for him ) I dont have his wings clipped anymore My main query is know more about Harnesses as I would like take him out with me and cosiddering buying a harness which comes with a very long lead enabling the bird to fly IS THIS OK as I dont want my bot stressed
  5. Hi to all Bird Lovers Wondering if anyone can advice me how to sex an African Grey as my Parrot confuses me on his Gender
  6. Hi I just got this African Grey who I was told was plucking his feathers through Boredom I have tried spending time with him as he has now been in my care for 2 days but he still plucks and is balding to his front and left with like sort of down hair back and front anyone help me on this please
  7. Ive just become the proud owner of an African Grey Unfortunatley he had pulled out most of his down feathers I was told through bordom So i was hoping as i spent most of today with him this would improve but to night he has pulled out more How can I stop this please help
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