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  1. you're wrong MMM...that's a great post re-assuring to know that other people have been through the same thing, thanks for the input
  2. Still thinking over names at the moment. it's hard to pick a name that sounds juuuust right! Well, every day i'm changing the water in the morning, so hopefully the routine will be recognised. There is millet in the cage. As it is a baby in a new home, i thought it would be nice for a while to have something nice that i know it likes in it's cage. just to make it feel a little bit more at home so there's some millet on the floor. I have tried to offer some through the cage bars but no interest really. But it does eat the millet on the cage floor. Tomorrow i think will be interesting to see if it wants to come out of it's cage and yes, i will definitely make sure to shut the curtains. Thanks Rubytoo! EDIT : It's being fed on a cockatiel mix of seeds and another one also which contains dried fruits and seeds. I've tried feeding it some fruit and things but to no avail. So, is the diet okay? the droppings seem fine now. Also, how often should i change the seeds/fruit? (i know fruit should be changed every day, but this is dried fruit that is part of the mix) Thanks for even reading all these questions! lol
  3. thanks for the info (as usual) MMM lol i think i'm gonna leave the cage door open tomorrow and let him/her (still need a name lol) come out on its on accord so i don't rush him. i'll probably clean it then as well then depending on how well it's going. thanks everyone, just took some pics, i'll get them up asap
  4. seem to have taken a step back today :/ i can't get near the cage without him/her hissing at me. I think it is tame like the people said, it's just scared of me and my hands. if it's scared of me, when should i let it out of it's cage (which would obviously, give me a chance to clean it)
  5. well, it is MUCH more active today which is good i guess and the exhaling is sort of a hissing yes so i assume it is defending itself. Funny thing is, the first time i changed the water, i put my hand in the cage without any sort of reaction but now, every time i try to get the water dish by creeping my hand in but letting it know i'm there, i get the hissing. basically...it's getting hard to change the water without it biting or trying to. Also, any advice as to when i should let it out of the cage, i know i should but if it's scared of me it might not want to go back in but it will give me a chance to change the water. PS: Pics will be on the way!
  6. okay. Thanks for the info, much appreciated. So far, it is just chirping but i THINK it is trying to imitate my wolf whistle...but who knows! i'll put some pics up soon though. It is being fed on a cockatiel seed mix at the moment and i've been instructed to add another seed mix to it which contains extra vitamins (instructed to put vitamins in the water too) as the cockatiel is still quite young. It's not TOO active...but that's probably because it's settling in but it seems to enjoy sitting on it's ladder and then letting out a burst of energy. Is this common? Also, it gets scared when i put my hand in the cage to change water/food but i guess that's why i have to build the trust. But when i do put my hand into the cage...it exhales loudly, like a warning or something. Thanks for the help so far and sorry for all the questions :/
  7. Hello everyone. I have just (yesterday) got my very first bird. it is a Cockatiel and is 14 weeks old, hand reared. Do not know whether it is a male or female. BUT i am getting worried...today, although it has been eating...it has watery and quite clear poo. Also it seems to be sitting on its ladder for most of the day with it's feathered fluffed up and standing on one leg. Every so often, it has a "tantrum" and starts squawking and climbing all over the cage. I am worried because i have read these are signs of illness. After ringing the people i got it from, they said it may be cold and it may be in a draught. it is NOT in a draft at all and in a very warm place with the radiator in the same room. Advice or opinions anyone?
  8. thanks! lincs is a bit far though i think :/ i'll keep looking
  9. haha, they DO look superb bit of an embarrassing question here : What username is Leigh under so i can contact her? :$ sorry and thanks for the info so far! really appreciate it
  10. after some MORE reading, a conure sounds like a pretty solid bird and good for beginners. doesn't seem to be many quaker owners around or is it just me? So, if anyone knows/is a breeder of any of the 2 mentioned ^, feel free to drop me a message.
  11. looks like my research was wrong i'll do some reading up on conures, thanks
  12. hello everybody, new here so hopefully in the right place. I'm looking to be a first time bird owner and have looked over most, if not all the information here and found it very useful So far, it seems like a parakeet of some sort would be best for a first time owner. Something like a quaker or a ringneck. So i've looked for breeders in the North West/Manchester and found hardly anything. So if anyone has any information, please let me know. Thanks in advance
  13. Hello! that's about it really. Just to say this is a great site with lots of helpful information Currently have 0 (yes 0!) birds which is why i came here for some help so i'll post in the Help/Info section later
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