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  1. Under the Pet Animals Act 1952!! It is illegal to offer to sell / buy a unweaned animal and even passing it to a recognised H/R could be iffy as it means the young were moved on before they were independent. Once the new Animal Welfare Bill is passed all this type of thing will be tightened up, also web sites will be a controlled as to what they sell etc.
  2. To try and bring things to a close. First if anyone on here who has complained and stated that they informed the P.S. Stand can let me know who you informed as this will have been logged at the time. Also if people can let me know without doubt the name and table no that they had a complaint about maybe something can be done. Every October for two days this site plays slate the Parrot Society and has done for years each year I come on here and explain in easy to understand syllables the procedure for complaining but even now it has not made the slightest difference WITHOUT PROOF NOTHING CAN BR DONE it is one person’s word against the other. Regarding escaped birds if they remain in the hall over night they are caught in the morning with long nets when they come to the floor to feed. See you all next October
  3. The only thing that I can say is that three people in total complained and they were dealt with. All tables have holders name and table number printed in 2" lettering fixed to the front rail so people can make a note of whom they bought birds from etc and also for others to do the correct thing and complain to the stand if they think something is incorrect. All the complaints on the net give information to antis to get things shut down for good then birds will no longer be available as pets, companions, breeding birds etc. People have bought a lot of this on themselves with all the hand-rearing of parrots that should never be pets.
  4. Roz if people cannot complain so that things can be done by the organisors what are we supposed to do????? It clealy states in the schedual what the complaints procedure should be. Complain on the day at the Stand!! And as for people that state with one breath that they are bird lovers etc yet still let it go on, and then in the next say that they will complain rather than they have complained I give up
  5. IN ANSWER TO YOUR COMPLAINT!!! When you booked your table you signed too say you would abide by the societies rulings etc on that page it clearly states that if anyone has cause for complaint they should make it at the P.S. Stand or Holding room where it would be dealt with on the day. Now it is a case of ones word against another and we can do nothing I personally did get the African Greys removed to the holding room if you were opposite I was wearing an official armband and riding a mobility scooter. As soon as the complaint was made to my wife at the holding room I went down and sorted it apart from that only about three others all day so I fail to see where all these complaints arrive from. Animal welfare people had no complaints and things are made easy by us with table number and name printed for all to see. Unfortunately none of us are psychic so unless we are informed nothing can be done except give ammunition to the antis and have all sales stopped. I’ll put my reputation on the line to name and shame those people
  6. As a person that worked hard over the weekend setting up 600 tables etc erecting display aviaries, until 9-00pm on Saturday then back in the hall at 6-00am Sunday to get ready. In the small magazine that were available for all on page 475 in large clear print it gives details about complaints and what to do if people cannot abide by these complaints then nothing can be done. The only complaint that I know about was regarding thee African Greys in small travelling boxes these were removed to the holding room. Every year people come on the web and ** about what they saw etc but never will they complain on the day when things can be sorted out so quite honestly one has to take a lot of complaints as **. Stafford Council Environment was in attendance as well as Stafford Animal Wardens plus DEFRA and R.S.P.C.A. and none of these EXPERTS had any complaints. I will not get into an argument about the rights and wrongs of keeping birds. But it is disheartening to spend hours working so that others may enjoy themselves to read things that none of the organisers knew about. Edited by MadMudMob
  7. Before moving to our present address we kept 10 pairs of lorries and bred them every year using Milupa Baby powder and honey, also madieria sponge cake soaked in this mixture, plus fruit, the Eos and the Chalcopsitta groups were also fed soaked Groats and millet sprays, a very small amount of sunflower seeds was also offered. When rearing young milk and honey was the parents prefered food. All these details can be found in Rosemary Lows Parrots their care and breeding, also her publication lorries and lorrikeets. We parent reared Blck-winged lorys, now critically endangered, Blue-streaked Lorys, Violet-necked, and Yellow-streaked. none of our lorys would touch live food even when they had youngsters.
  8. The P.S did not invent them but they were the first to pass on information regarding care and breeding etc, they were also the first society to have Area meetings were members could meet and chat to each other or listen to a speaker. If anyone on here has been a P.S. member from its early days then they may remember me being the first to travel the length and breadth uf the U.K. giving slide shows and talks on parrots also going to cage bird societies to do the same I still have almost 5000 slides of birds but the demand for speakers has dropped off and cage bird societies have closed people can get on the net and read just what they wish to wether it is correct or not. Victorians had large collections of birds in ornate aviaries but seldom bred as too many were kept together and fighting used to take place.
  9. Many Parrots were not bred untill the 1960 / 70 infact the Moulaccan Cockatoo was first bred in 1975 to independance we got the Parrot Societies Silver Medal for being the first member to achieve this! also the Blkack-winged lory was first bred in Europe by us in 1977 again Silver Medal plus Avicultural medal, also 1977 Blue-streaked Lory, and Violet-necked Lorry bred by us and awarded P.S. Medals Also we were the first to breed in 1961 the Celestial Parrotlet then it realli exploded in the 1980s when incubatos came on the scene all of these claims can be varified by the P.s back issues and also First Breeding Records for Birds reared to independance under controlled conditions published and compiled by David Coles currator of Childe Beale Preservation Trust at Pangbourne. I must appologise for the following that I saw on another thread about making toys from kits supplied 2x white cotton rope 3/16" x 5' 2 x natural sisal rope 3/16" x 5' 2 x natural leather strip 1/4" x 2' 8 x pear shaped quick links 1 5/8" 40 x assorted plastic shapes :_______??? and a few wooden toy making parts . Its O.K. to use plastic from a toy supplier but not plastic pen cases. talk about dont do as I do do as I tell you!
  10. As said I will get something placed in the Magazine for August as I pointed out from 487 magazines printed only one complaint not a bad average is it. By the way I still have not had an explanation from Dan Tully about the misinformation that he gave on here regarding last Sundays Stafford Show. You will no doubt get an apology from our office which is more than the Parrot Society will get!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I will now start to write an Article for the Avicultural Society or Cage Birds and hope to get a bit of peace when it is published. It is about time some of you experts put pen to paper And educated us old timers on how over the last half century we have gone wrong if was not for us a lot of people would not have pet parrots we bred them passed on how we did it it got popular moneyed men got on the wagon surgical / DNA sexing became available, Vets became interested in birds, incubators where designed for parrot eggs, brooders, Hospital Cages, cage manufacturers got on the gravy train, seed merchants erupted, (when I started there were three seed companies) no rescue centres they were not needed, only three books on parrots were available. Oh how times have changed and they say it is for the better…
  11. Everyone nowadays has their own view on what is correct and what is not! Is it correct to take eggs and incubate them hand rear youngster and imprint it away from its natural behaviour? Is keeping pairs of parrots in three foot cubes and use them as slot machines take all eggs etc and let the birds walk on all wire floors? Is it correct to feed Parrots on dried pelleted food or plain sunflower? 50 years ago parrots came into the U.K. and were tamed down by the people that bought them, were fed a mixed seed diet and if used for breeding were kept in reasonable flights, they chewed wood eat earth from the flight floors, and chewed corrugated plastic roof covering (Mine still demolish the corrugated clear plastic sheets over their nest boxes) I was thinking of writing an article with photos of our aviaries but I think I will let that one pass now. Possibly carry on with the ones Where are they now (its a wonder nobody picked up on those three pictures of mine showing small parrots on square perches) I will have to make sure that the birds are feather perfect and nothing out of place on any pictures I use in future. The Parrot Society has published 12 Magazines a year for 41 years thats almost 500 magazines and this is the first time to my knowledge there ha been a complaint but I will ask that some kind of explanation is placed in the August Magazine.
  12. I suppose the pictures of the African Grey on page 291 and on page 310 eating a Monkey Nut should not be published as some people say that Monkey Nuts will poisen parrots. I have hundreds of books on birds collected in over 50 years of keeping parrots and a lot of photos etc are published that nowdays would cause the same as the cockatoo with a pen, my birds in 28ft long flights eat leaves twigs and anything else that falls on the roofs of the flights if it tastes bad they drop it i do not spend 24hrs a day watching them to make sure they do what they should rather than what they want to do!! I doubt if you are a member of the P.S othewise you would have read her article on the Cockatoo and seen her set up.
  13. As members of the Parrot Society U.K. will know printed just inside the front cover are the following words. (The views expressed by contributors to this magazine are not those of the Parrot Society UK. unless otherwise stated.) Also in 2005 when Dorothy Swartz wrote the free booklet of 31 pages called "Grey Parrots as Pets" that all members were given. Again in 2006 she wrote a 42 page booklet entitled "Amazon Parrots as Pets also given free to all P.S. Members every body was highly delighted and certain people on this site remarked how good they were. She states that the pens are given to her parrots under her supervision whilst she is in the aviaries with them!
  14. Posted: 05 Jul 2007 23:21 Post subject: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- well i must say that i am not sure what the parrot society is like now as at stafford on sunday a council member had a sun conure up for sale and i heard the guy speak to 2 different peple about this bird the first time it was 3 years old and ready to breed the second time it was 10 weeks old and a lovely pet so if you cant trust the people who run it who can you What I objected too was the fact that you stated that A COUNCIL MEMBER had sold a Sun Conure and supposidly spun some untruths. I know that no council members had a table at stafford on Sunday there were 9 people including officers of the society present and nobody had had time for a table two did bring birds to place in the exhibition Aviaries but the rest of us were kept busy working on other things throughout the day.
  15. I know that no Council Members had tables to sell birds from I set the tables up along with others on Saturday and attended the show on Sunday all day so the Sun Conure was nothing to do with a Council Member
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