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  1. somergirl

    24 - Obi (Somergirl)

    Obi thanks you all for his birthday wishes
  2. somergirl

    King parrot

    Thanks David I didnt get any food only what was in her dish but that looked like rabbit food anyway I changed the food over and she seems happy with it.
  3. somergirl

    King parrot

    Hi I'm after some advice I'm looking after a king parrot can someone please tell me what food to serve.She came with parrot food but I'm not sure whether she should have this or some other seed mix thanks in advance
  4. somergirl

    Hello everyone.

    Welcome to the forum 5 greys Look forward to seeing some pics of your babies
  5. somergirl

    Tracing birds origins

    Unless lesley has changed rings she uses Stainless steel not aluminium
  6. somergirl

    HELP!!! My parrot keeps biting me

    Hi my advice is to let him settle in properly.Just have a natter and call him to you and reward with nuts,fruit etc.With some greys it takes a long time to settle in and trust us humans.A lot of them also have a favourite person But don't get stressed :)It just takes a lot of time and lots of work in some cases years.I cannot fully handle one of our greys but she is happy and that's the main thing when I brought jher home she would growl and shake due to her past now nearly two years on she has completely changed for the better
  7. Sorry to hear about your poor birdies hopefully meds or a good diet will see them happy again I cannot understand why the vet told you to come back monday if it was so strongly recommended that they should be put to sleep sounds very dodgy after reading everyone elses comments regarding treatment .Would it pay to do a second test yourself? Good luck
  8. somergirl

    what type of amazon is he?

    Congratulations but Dont forget to quarantine the newbie before putting him/her near paddy
  9. somergirl

    Soon to be new member of family!

    Congratulations Ria I have 2 of lesleys babies and I travelled all the way from somerset lol Good luck with the DNA results
  10. somergirl

    Clucking Noises

    Thank you so much fuzz and marion xx Yes baby is a rescue I've had her for just over a year now
  11. somergirl

    Clucking Noises

    Yes i do realize about her producing eggs without a mate.My concern is that she has been tryiing to mate for nearly 9 months.If this is normal then fine ill say no more and put up with it
  12. somergirl

    Clucking Noises

    Thanks My main concern is her becoming egg bound I did buy another friend for her a week ago but at this stage Kiwi for obvious reasons is in isolation and possibly a female lol
  13. somergirl

    27 - Clareg22

    Happy Birthday for tomorrow Have a lovely day xx
  14. somergirl

    Clucking Noises

    Ok I am really not sure what to do for the best now Baby is still showing lots of breeding behaviour she is now 8 years old and She has been doing this since around christmas last year as mentioned above. I'ts getting to the point of me wondering whether she is in the right enviroment in some way.She will only let me touch her and she is constantly rubbing her self along the cage bars or going to one corner of her cage on the floor. Any more suggestions on what i could do?She does have toys in her cage but prefers not to touch them she is out most of the day with the other birds.