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  1. Thanks Gillian, We had heard they were ok. We're going down a week saturday to meet them and have a look around. Thanks also for your offer. Thats very kind of you. We may still be back to you on that!!
  2. Hi Folks, has anybody got a good contact for either a Sitter or Boarding for our Greenwing. Normally if we're away she goes to Steve & Linda @ Wings n Things but they are chocka block with baby birds. We initailly had them lined up so have a holiday booked late July but now they have too much in. The name Woodside Warren has been mentioned. Has anybody any experience with them? Cheers
  3. Thanks everyone , she can be a bit of madam at times but by and large she is so soppy it's unbelievable yes her beak looks quite terrifying but she's never ever viscous with it. She may try and scare us with it when it's time to go in and she doesn't want to but we've never been bitten touch wood. I really don't think it's in her nature or greenwings in general thanks again for the kind comments
  4. Hi Guys! Sorry there's been no pics for a while, the time seems to have flown by Anyway, here's a few for now! She hates it when i'm on the computer, she'll do anything possible to get me off it! Cheers everyone
  5. Hi Steve & Linda, she's doing great, sorry to hear your missing her lots As already said she is a real credit to your time and effort rearing her. I really couldn't recommend anyone better to get a parrot from We should be down Saturday with her but will drop you an e-mail to confirm later in the week
  6. She'll still be Columbus, among other 'pet names' Good to know I guess, incase of any behavioural isuues or if we ever decide to get another bird! :shock: And thanks again for the kind words, she is indeed a pretty girl and a daddy's girl too, a proper daddy's girl
  7. Columbus is a Girl!!!!! This could explain why one minute she is soppy and the next stroppy *zips up flame suit in anticipation*
  8. He's home!! Picked Columbus up saturday, been good as gold, very very soppy and gentle, talking loads too When we first decided to get Columbus we weren't sure on sex :? , so we have done a DNA test, results will be back friday hopefully ....... Will Columbus be a boy or a girl ? ? ? ? :? :oops: watch this space for result soon
  9. Well, he'll be coming home Saturday. Lornsy, yes you saw Columbus with my better half I couldn't make it Saturday as I had to work He loves grapes and banana, at least he is munching lots of seeds and parrot mix at last :roll:
  10. Thanks peeps, will get some more snaps soon
  11. Some update piccies Off to see him again now, hopefully last visit as he should be coming home next weekend
  12. Thanks Peeps, hopefully not long Will get some pics up hopefully tonight
  13. Hi guys, not been on in a while, been really busy, Columbus is not quite fully weened yet :roll: But he shouldn't be too long, he is just over 17 weeks old so it really is anytime now However, the people hand rearing him had to go away for the weekend, so armed with some formula we had him at home from Saturday afternoon til early sunday evening. He was amazing! So well behaved, he met our dogs from inside his cage saturday, they were both a bit wary of each other but that was fine, we then let them meet whilst he was out of the comfort zone of his cage on sunday, was he bothered? Nah of course not, he was good as gold. We had a walk in the garden (on his harness of course) and lots of play time and cuddles (Talk about a cuddly bird!) We are still a little wary of his big beak, and it is very strong indeed, he does still 'grab' a little but never hard, sometimes it's because he is hungry but usually it is because he is trying to climb about or grip, to be honest the scratches from his claws are worse! Sometimes he does test the boundaries but responds instantly to the word "no" So far he is saying "Hello" very clearly and trying to say a couple of other words but they aren't coming out quite right! He will fly to me if I call him and will often fly off me to go to his cage for the toilet. Anybody considering a bird like this all I can recommend is spend as much time as you can with the bird before you commit and before you bring it home. Since he was about 4or5 weeks old we have been to see him nearly every week on a trip that is an hour each way, we normally spend a whole day at the shop where the hand rearers (Steve & Linda from wings n things) in Penryn are based. We have built up a great relationship with both Columbus and Steve & Linda and we feel very priviliged to be in that position Hopefully some updates soon and some more pics we took from the weekend
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