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  1. I thought I may be being a little cynical...glad someone thinks the same as me. I'd like to see someone to treat a bird with 'problems' to speak or stop biting in 3 days! Laughable really if it wasn't for the fact that someone may fall for it and spend a hell of a lot of money....
  2. Has anyone ever heard of a parrot whisperer? http://www.preloved.co.uk/fuseaction-adverts.showadvert/index-1031097175/d425068f.html
  3. yes Tak the bird is ready to just be picked up and I would be able to get to Stafford I can be contacted by email ukangel_2001@hotmail.com
  4. Thank you for your help Stormbird
  5. I know it's not too far by train but I am disabled and would find the journey very difficult as I get about by using a disabled scooter and it's too big to take on the train
  6. Is anyone going to the Stafford show from around the Wakefield/Sheffield Yorkshire area please? I have been offered a Senegal called Scud as a friend for my Senegal Keisha but I have no transport Or does anyone know of a bird courier/transport service from there to Stoke-on-Trent please?
  7. Yw Harry's mum Looking back now I can sort of laugh about it because he looked like a punk parrot with his beak pierced, but at the time I was really upset and worried about him, and I would hate for anyone else to go through it.
  8. Please be careful with the mirror. I bought a stainless steel parrot mirror for Bobby the cag a few months ago from a well known store. I put it in with him and he was quite interested in it. I was working on the computer and after a while I could hear him rubbing his beak against his pedi perch, at first I was pleased he was using the perch but after a few minutes I got concerned as he was still rubbing away furiously. I went over to the cage and he had managed to pull it apart and had the triangular link which attaches the mirror to the chain stuck on his beak and was trying to get it off. Now Bobby cannot be handled and I was worried sick and thought I would have to take him to a vet I decided to let him out first, so I did and the towelled him and with a pair of pliers tried to see if I could wiggle it off it to no avail. I put him back in the cage and was about to ring the vet when my son came in. I was telling him what happened and all the time Bobby was rubbing his beak on the perch. When we went to look at him he had managed to get the ring off his beak and was happily rolling it around in his mouth and wouldn't drop it even for his favourite walnut. My son opened the cage door and because Bobby hates males he started to scream and dropped the link thank goodness. I was so relieved, now I make sure that any toy that goes into his cage is totally safe and that all links on chains are soldered. He even has a new mirror...an acrylic one I found a few days ago in another shop and he is in lurrvve LOL He is obsessed with the flipping thing and won't allow me to touch it! Still now I have one very happy bird and a very happy me
  9. My son came home with 2 budgies last week (long story) and they are in quite a small cage...I think they need a bigger cage and preferably one with horizontal bars. I have found one on Ebay but it can't be posted by normal post so I have to have it collected. Does anyone know of a courier who would pick the cage and stand up from Cheshire and deliver it to Stoke-on-Trent please? I called one and they wanted £45, I think thats excessive along with the cost of the cage. My thanks in advance
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