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  1. i'll certainly look into it, i'm thinking of sprouted pulses and soaked pulses unsprouted too, just want to nail a diet that really keeps them happy and well up on their nutrition and needs etc, want them to be top kept happy birds!
  2. i'm going to be adpoting the following diet for keeping and breeding galahs, would like any comments about it, and if any other suggestions are involved or opinions as to key feeds and dont feeds! thanks S Daily seed diet buckwheat plain canary plain wheat plain millet (or mixed millet when available) rolled barley split maize im going to try to adopt sprouted sunflower everyday also use egg food and olive oil during breeding season, maybe 3 or 4 sunflower or safflower seeds every now and then during breeding season and the colder winter periods, but not sure about this one though?? calsure in their water at all times, and entravian pro biotic powder for use as directed every now and then beyond this i will alternate days with fruit and veg;- corn on the cob sweetcorn carrots peas celery pomegrannet kiwi apple orange if there are any worries about any of the above, or any additives, i'd like to take opinions on them thanks
  3. oh right, in that case not worth saving up £2000 to get a split cock to put with one of the hens from you Pam! i've seen 2010 lutino cock's for sale for £4000, i cant go that far saving wise, would rather have a few years of normal breeding to pay for such expensive birds, and even then i'd prob go for something else anyway! normal cockbirds it is then!
  4. If that's the case why are they so expensive? And surely they are pointless to Market them at such high costs with the lutino gene? Do you not get any lutino youngsters then? I thought that was the whole point ifpaying for the normal looking splits?
  5. hi, could anyone tell me what the offspring would be from pairing a split lutino cock galah to a normal hen? any other offspring info appreciated, but specifically the above thanks S
  6. sorry to jump in, but what about split cock x normal hen thanks
  7. no, they would be kept in well lit, covered aviaries, 14ft by 7ft, not a shed
  8. hi, i think i'd rather not mention it, as i wouldnt want to draw their attention to it, also if i dont have the conures i wouldnt want my existing collection thought of to be loud as they have never bothered anyone! was just wonder about legal things, i personally dont think the conures would be too loud being at the end of the garden, it would probably be only me worrying abou the noise and no one else noticing!!!
  9. a friend of mine is selling on a pair of sun conures, im tempted to buy them, they are truly stunning birds and prolific breeders, i'm a bit worried about the noise though, are there legal limits to noise when keeping birds with regards to neighbours etc, i understand there are times of 11pm to 7am where pets, music and diy are to be not heard, but unsure about birds and their noises before the 11pm cut off!? i'm wondering that if the birds dont fall outside the legal requirements then i wouldnt have to worry about complaints (if any!?) the gardens around here are around 80-100 ft long and 30ft wide, i woulld be keeping the birds at the end of the garden in an inside aviary, but when they kick off you could still hear them pretty much as my friend kept them in the same location and inside!? thanks S
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