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  1. Jeff P

    Obi is removing his feathers

    Thank you.. Will order some calcivet too... Is that OK to go in the water with the Cider vinegar or separate on food....
  2. Jeff P

    Obi is removing his feathers

    Thanks for your reply. I have found the Avipro on Northern Parrots so will order some. As i said i have pre diluted F10 not the concentrated so is it OK to just spray him with that? Thanks again...
  3. Jeff P

    Obi is removing his feathers

    Thanks very much... I will try all of that. I have been out today and bought him some new toys... He is currently trying to destroy a leather hanging contraption at the moment...LOL With regards to the probiotics and F10. Any particular type of probiotic and is that powdered? I already have some pre diluted F10 in a bottle.Is it Ok to use that or does it need to be diluted further? Thank you for the advice and i will keep you posted...
  4. Jeff P

    Obi is removing his feathers

    Thank you will have a good read of that....
  5. Jeff P

    Obi is removing his feathers

    Hi, I am pretty sure he is not bored as my other half is home most of the day with him... I will try the cider vinegar though... Thank you..
  6. Jeff P

    Obi is removing his feathers

    Thanks for your reply... I have seen him "Snipping off" feathers....
  7. Hi i wonder if anyone can help. My African Grey OBi is now around a year old.He seems well in his self he is eating normally and is up to his usual tricks but he has been starting to remove some of his feathers.He has also taken a couple from his wing and although he can still fly is obviously not as good minus a couple of feathers on his wings. He seems to be snipping quite a few off to but not pulling them out at the folicle. Could this be due to first moult or an irritation? We have been giving him a shower with tepid water. I have heard of people using aloe vera but is this diluted or neat? I there anything else we can do to maybe help him...? Or anything specific we can buy to aleviate this for him. Your help is greatly appreciated...
  8. Jeff P


    Didn't mean to start a debate...LOL. I was assuming that because they are fish would possibly be OK.... :-)
  9. Jeff P


    No i haven't tried any of this type,just the Fruitblend but he seems to be very fussy with a certain shape and leaves them. I did try the pretty bird type before but i didn't like the look of them. Does anyone else recommend the natural Zupreem ones, he's quickly running out of the fruitblend so i need to source an alternative soon.... Thanks...
  10. Jeff P


    Has anyone used these instead of the usual coloured fruity pellets. http://www.24parrot.com/sessionID/EKL/ZuPreem-Avian-Entrees-Wild-and-Spicy--Parrot-P57175/ I usually feed my CAG the fruitblend one's but they are out of stock. He has been leaving quite a few of these lately in his bowl, funnily enough they all seem to be the same shape that he leaves and not colour....LOL Just wondered if anyone has used these instead and whether they are ok. I am open to other suggestions on a good pellet diet. I was also looking at harrisosns but my god they are expensive. Your help would be much appreciated. Thanks...
  11. Jeff P


    No i can't eat them unless they have the tomato sauce with them... I'm as fussy as a parrot. LOL. Thanks for the info anyway...
  12. Hi everyone, I bought a tin of pilchards the other day only to find to my dismay that i had bought them in brine instead of tomato sauce which i hate. i was wondering if these are Ok to feed to OBI my african grey... Thanks in advance.
  13. Jeff P


    http://www.birdland.co.uk/ Bourton on the water....
  14. Jeff P

    Pulse Mixes

    I soak mine in a jug for about 12 hours in boiling water (The pulses that is... ). Then rinse off. Place a small amount in a microwave safe bowl and microwave for 30 seconds. leave to cool and serve.... Says on the bag "soak for 12 hours" OBI loves em.... http://www.24parrot.com/Tidymix-Pulse-+-Rice-Soaking-Mix--2Kg-P5977/
  15. Jeff P

    Sugar cane

    Here you go.... http://www.24parrot.com/Sugar-Cane--2-Sizes-P53226a/