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  1. ok thanx, hes only 7 months old he has been out a few times in his carrier though, what do you think the chnces are of him having had it when I picked him up, Iv heard you can have this a while with no symptoms, we have had him 5 months and he was hand reared by a breeder, I just cant think where else this could have come from, Its impossible we could have drank infected water as its all treated , the only other possibility could be that my kids have been to a few swimming parties lately, thanx anyway for your help
  2. Ok thanx, Iv no idea where this has come from Iv never even heard of it before now, I assumed it was from my grey first as he showed signs around xmas time and I read on websites the main sources were animals, birds or water, the doctor was as baffled as me too, Ill have a look at that thanx
  3. My african grey has dry skin that hasnt improved with more showers and plucked out a few tail feathers, I thought this was down to the fact he had new ones growing at the time, but during the past month other members of the household have been suffering symptoms of giardiasis so we are currently waiting for results to come back from the doctors. Could my grey have passed this on to us and does anyone know of a home testing kit or something I could do, my nearest avian vet will charge £52 per test but it is sent off to a lab and the chances of this being detected are very slim but he told me he wouldnt treat untill it was, that could be 10 tests and over £500 later, is there a cheaper alternative I could do myself or another test that can be done thats more reliable, please any information will be great
  4. Seems Im worrying over nothing then, I have looked again and he has got a few nes tail feathers growing on top, maybe its this, I do spray him although he doesnt like this, he doesnt scream or anything just flies away, I have tried a shallow bowl with water in and hes not interested in this either at the moment I have to pin his feet for a few seconds to spray him then try again later but I dont like doing this, he loves it straight after and grinds his beak and preens,is there anything else I can do to make him more comfortable when I spray him, also Iv heard that aloe vera plant in the water can help keep thier skin from getting dry, is this advisable, thanks for all your replies.
  5. A couple of weeks ago I found a red tail feather that had come from my 6 month old african grey captain. when I looked there were a few more feathers missing, about 4 or 5 from the middle of his tail, when I looked closer it looks as though they have been snapped off, he has lost no more since although I caught him having a good chew on a grey feather that looked like it was from his back, I havnt noticed any other grey feathers missing and he doesnt seem to be unhappy in any way. I also noticed when he is preening he seems to be scratching his skin with his beak more than he used too, could this be a sign of mites, Thanks
  6. Thanks everyone, dont kno w what Id do if I didnt have this site for advice, hes my first so dont want to make any mistakes, although I do have kids and can see certain similarities with them and baby greys, ha ha. He still looks happy and he has had new toys today so thats taking his mind off it, Thanks again.
  7. Hi thanks, yeah thats what hes doing now, It started to clot within about 30 seconds of it happening so thats good, Thanks everyone for the advice this is first accident so Ill be prepared should anything happen again.
  8. Basically, birds must have this injury happen in the wild and seem to survive so all should be well. Yeah my husband said that, I suppose it makes sense just cant help but worry, His cage was cleaned out today so thats fortunate, he is going to sleep now but I would expect him to around this time anyway, Im also confident its still pretty clean now, thanks for your support I was worried he may have lost too much blood, but hes not showing any signs of it bothering him now, Ill keep checking it and then clean again in the morning, will aloe vera mixed with water be suitable for an open cut like this,
  9. Hi, My baby grey has had an accident, He was perched on the top of a door at my mums and a strong gust of wind blew the door closed, he trapped one of his claws(ouch).It bled, it looked like quite alot but Im not really sure how much bleeding can be dangerous, I suppose any amount of bleeding would look like alot to a small bird, anyway I managed to stop the bleeding pretty quick and then stood him in some boiled water once cooled down, I put him back in his cage and hes had something to eat and drink and has been grinding his beak so he seems fine, now he is sat on his sleeping perch although I would expect him to be tired at this time anyway, Is there anything else I can do for him, Im a bit worried about the risk of infection, is it advisable to try wrapping something around it. Thanks
  10. Yeah thats what I thought about doing but wasnt sure if there would be any blood, thankyou so much, I was getting a bit worried,x
  11. When I got up this morning I noticed my 5 month old grey had managed to fracture one of his flight feathers it is about half way down and is now sticking out to the side, he will let me touch it but obviously any amount of pressure is hurting him, he really feels sorry for himself. Anyone know the best thing to do with it now. Thanks
  12. Thanks alot, yeah typical male fallen in love with himself, Im fine with it as long as he doesnt start resenting us because has found a new mate. I have visions of us having two greys by next month now, maybe hes lonely
  13. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help, My grey captain is 5 months old, we have a mirror in the room he is in and just lately he has started to fly to it alot, he just hangs on the bottom so cant really see himself that much so I put him on a perch in front of it, he spent the next half hour making the sort of crying baby noises they do with his wings lowered, I would like some advice on what to do, is he falling in love with this other bird he sees in the mirror, if so is this a good idea, he cannot see the mirror from his cage, so I could stop him from looking in to it. Thanks
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