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  1. So good that Lil Luis is barred from my house.....For life :shock:
  2. hi, I can do for you, I am in Bexley. I have looked after Halo & Elle's Parrots
  3. I have had several buns with E. cuniculi one of them was totally paralysed with its head twisted. She was six months old and i had handreared her. She made a complete recovery. I also had a bunny only slightly affected and she had to be pts. Its a horrible horrible thing. I would panacur Mopsy to be on the safe side. My elderly bun likes sitting on a hotwater bottle in a furry cover (he does other stuff to it as well :oops: ) That clearly takes away the pain and makes him feel young again!
  4. Ahahahahahahahahahaha He does have a passion for wardrobes. When he stayed at mine (before he received a lifetime ban and an asbo!) he made me late for work several times hiding in my wardrobe. Thankfully mine were built in so he couldn't get down the back! Imagine having to explain that to your boss ahahahahahahahah Edit to add...next time (there probably will be a next time) Hang your dressing gown belt or similar down the back for him to grab on to and pull himself up.....this is what i have done for Louie in the past .....it must be the name!!
  5. One of my buns Sandy boy was given to me when he was 8. No other rescue would take him because of his age. If that was his correct age he will be 17 next year :shock: He still lives out free range. He is always out and refuses to go into the shed area even in the snow :shock: I have spent many many hours chasing him in!. :roll: She may have many many years left yet!
  6. Oooer aren't the female bigger, maybe it was a male spider and he offended her??
  7. :shock: :shock: :shock: Were they Hooman legs :shock:
  8. I read the first few lines and it made me feel sick poor budgies
  9. Well she was 3ft long..... a Giant Giant... Had to put carboard down the socks in the summer to be able to go in and clean out, whilst using a broom to pin her down! Oh and biting flesh was her favourite past time. its the black bun on the far right of my sig
  10. Toaster? :oops: Ha ha ha Very good!! That made me shriek out loud in the office!! Last time i tried to catch one in a hurry i ended up with two cracked ribs and a large bite on my bottom.....and then an abcess!!
  11. Pillow cases in the house under / next to the cages and travel cages in the shed. For both birds and lizards. What exactly i would put 8 giant buns in i have no idea..... Car boot maybe? :shock:
  12. I am in bexley... wha type of bird/s is it? Any dates in mind? As long as it doesn't clash with Pharell's holiday visits i am happy to help
  13. aww how cute. If my Louie (nanday conure) Shared with my grey. I'd be more worried for Alfies safety than Louie's. louie is evil! I know of a tortoise that lives with a Lizard ? They are best buddies.
  14. Do you mean they greys share with the budgies? Or they have a cage inside the parrot cage? I think i am getting confused? Charley is lovely O:) Alfie escapes and then lets the others out. He even slides the glass to the lizards tank...So i've had to move the tanks to another room!
  15. Clever wotsits! :shock: Do they all share a cage or are they letting each other out??
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