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  1. beautiful Ollie! I have tickles all over Limey's yellow feathers and Ollie's look so inviting! Especially his little ear!!!!! Sounds like you have great progress with him!
  2. Hi Sombra, that's good to know other parrots don't sleep with the head under the wing. I feel like such a bad carer sometimes that I can't show Limey the way but I feel he's more normal now! Kazz, thank you - it was a long time coming! Hotfoot - aw, applause! I'll tell Limey he will be pleased with himself! Limey went to stay with my partner and his kids for a few days (One day was unaccompanied by me) to get him used to being with them when I go on hols (I move the day before, yikes!). Well, Limey was living it up - being a total floozy in my absence, jabbering, playing with them, eating, having tickles. The kids are very respectful and careful about windows and so forth and spent all day with him so he was in his element whilst I went to work to pay the bills! They are off from school for the hols and their dad has two weeks off with them so it's great for Limey. Was very pleased though as he saved his actual words for me: "hello", "hello boy" and "Be a boy" - meant to be "Be a good boy" but he's shortened it! He chewed for a split second on a lolly stick. Progress...short but sweet!
  3. Hi all, Thank you for all the advice. I haven't posted for a few days as Orville is sick. I suspect with the packing up of the house the dust has upset him. He's been given medication but he was really, really bad a few nights ago. Came on from no where. I have an air purifier, he's been moved, and I'm picking up a humidifier tomorrow and a HEPA filterer purifier and Ioniser on Wednesday. To say I am angry is an understatement. I am supposed to be protecting him and this went on under my nose and I didn't realise 3 supposed bird lovers (of some 20 odd years) haven't realised what could be released into the air packing up 30 years of old books and other bits and pieces. I thought he was going to die. I really did. I wasn't at home and heard the news and was helpless. He is a fighter but three years of looking after him I am very attached. He is so close to a new life and it was nearly snuffed out. I am having a lock of horns with his owner who feels he knows best and perhaps does. I got the dates from him he's had O for 33 years. He was an adult when he got him and always had breathing problems on and off so he could be pretty old by now. He's weak but has started eating again. I'm suggesting hospital cage but at least he's got a heat lamp over his perch. He was too weak for the perch and fell off but he still wouldn't budge. Said O would be happier on the perch. I am stressed out as to me, in my humble opinion if the bird can't sit on the perch properly he needs to be lower, or not on a perch at all to get his strength back. It is distressing to watch him suffer. Thankfully he seems to have more strength now, can hold himself up, is eating and responding to heat and medication. As mentioned above I have some supplies and getting more tomorrow. Finger's crossed he makes it and is stronger for the 18th when I want to take him to my new house. I was worried about the stress of the journey anyway but it's only 20 minutes away. Worried more now that it will finish him off. Anyway must be strong. Net: Thanks for the tip - I have seen the site and think it looks great. I'll investigate. I like the look of a cage with a big door at the front for O to be able to come out more. Marion: Fruity perches it is then! Chico looks gorgeous by the way! Fuzz: Thank you for the info on where they come from, I never knew that! There is a distinct difference in size and definitely head size! Orville is a teeny little mouse. I want to squeeze him he's so cute! Limey is a bruiser. I saw your pic of Ollie's cage, it looks fab! I want one for myself! Interesting about the platform you mentioned...I brought one a few months ago in the hope that O might one day use it as my one legged tiel uses one for rodents and she loves it. Thank you for the tips about cage layout they are really appreciated as Limey and Poppy aren't in their cage that much but I must learn how to furnish a cage properly for O's enjoyment and exercise. Thank you again. Kaz: I must try them with Palm nuts...O is much more of a "bird" then Limey so I have hope he'll chew more and eat more birdy type things. Let's hope he gets through this bad spell. Good news is that his owner hasn't seen him as much and will hopefully be a regular visitor. I think the bright happy but calm atmosphere of my new house will do wonders for him. He'll have daily access to "outside" too which I think must be a major factor he's missing. Thanks again everyone you've given me food for thought. I really appreciate you taking the time out to answer my questions and give advice.
  4. I so glad it's a "found" for a change and not a "missing"! Let's hope his owner is found, he looks like a very distinguished chappy.
  5. Thanks Marion and Sue! I just had to share because I am so proud of him. He's stroppy at the moment so that makes up for it!!!!
  6. For those who know of him my OWA Limey doesn't know how to play but today was a great day! It's taken two years but he had a nibble on a giant seed bell thing! Yes not very nutritious but to be honest I am just so pleased he had done something "normal" for a parrot! I didn't think he'd take it as he normally ignores them hanging in his cage. I held it with my fingers and he just started beaking it and then picked some seed off! For several minutes! He wasn't sure what to do exactly and was a little wary as it's so hard to pick them off but he persevered!!!!! This is the first time he has done this with me (and he's 17 years old!). I then hung it up next to him and he went at it again only stopping when my greedy tiel saw it and wanted it so he had to chase her away! He has also beaked a wooden handmade full size perch for a few moments and has touched (very quickly) a weird banana vitamin thing with seeds in it! Oh, and a few nights ago he slept with his head tucked into his feather for the first time (he normally sleeps upright like a statue - no I am not kidding on that one). He's turning into a parrot! yippee!!!!!! Oh, I also saw Jebirds tip about plucking, to spray with warm water and small bit of unpasterised apple cider vinegar...three days and he's picking less. Whoot whoot! Please give Limey a round of applause!!!!!
  7. Steve, I am so sorry your little tiel is missing. Wishing you luck finding him/her. They have been known to be missing longer than three weeks and be found. Best of luck, Jay
  8. Hi Nicola, I have a real soft spot for Hahns - I am so jealous and he looks in beautiful condition. Looks like his diet is just fine. Yukky pellets, ick! As pinktink says, healthy balanced diet! Can I steal him? I'll swap a plucked amazon?! Only kidding!
  9. I want a Voice Wang...I don't care what it is I just want one, ha ha!
  10. pomperella


    It's lovely to be in the company of animal lovers! I walk the staffies at our local council stray dog kennels in Portsmouth. There are so many in Portsmouth and they make up the majority of the dogs there. Then no one wants to rescue a 5 year old staff. A lot of people want a puppy. The nerve of it coming to a rescue and wanting a puppy! Can they not see they are only adding to the problem? It's epidemic though, with the desire for baby animals meaning older ones are thrown out with the bath water. 3 of my 4 birds are old/elderly/mature/disabled in some way and my young tiel was still a rescue at 6 months. I have what I can handle without it being a chore and to enable me to care for my companions correctly. Everyone's "number" is different. I feel the same about the dogs. We all rationally complain that there is too much breeding going on but surely there is some demand for it from the population? I wouldn't buy a baby animal but that's my personal choice and I'm not against others having baby ones but as the other posters have said it's just so sad to see so many abandoned. Why do people not engage brain and think that an animal is a long term commitment?? What I like about this forum is people's lifelong dedication to their companions and it seems alien to us that people could abandon their dogs, cats, parrots and so on but it goes on and what sickens me is quite how easily people do it. I wish I could rescue a staffie but my partner is taking on 4 birds as it is and has a fear of dogs so I couldn't ask more of him. As I mention above I know I am at my capacity for what I can enjoy and handle but I do hope something changes to stop these poor animals from being bred so prolifically in the first place.
  11. He's such a sweetheart. I love his little feet. They give him character and he looks really happy. Thank you for sharing.
  12. I am so pleased he is home!!!!!!!!!!! I had a good feeling about him! His poor feathers, sounds like he had a lucky escape from those cats. He must be so happy to see you and so relieved. They don't mean to go completely the wrong direction to home they just don't know where home is. And great that he found other birds. Delighted for you. There is nothing like the high of being reunited is there? So so so pleased.
  13. Coco has stunningly beautiful eyes. What a sweetheart.
  14. I am sorry for you loss. He sounded like a wonderful special soul. Jay
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