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  1. Both my amazons grind there beaks but I wouldn't think it would stop them becoming overgrown. I've always been lead to believe that it shows contentment.
  2. I've had this problem with my cats too. My next door neighbours cats arnt neutered or spayed which makes them more territorial and causes bad fights leading to abscesses and very high vet fees! You can get cat repellants to keep cats away, worked for me!
  3. I've been told he was 30 and he previously lived with other parrots.
  4. I am trying to get one to one time with him but if i get within a foot he lunges at me. He latched onto my arm earlier! But it's just me hes doing it with.
  5. Yeah its the first one that I'm having the problem with. Hes fine with everyone else in the house it's just me that hes biting. Stroppy boy!
  6. I've just brought my new baby amazon home so whys my current one started biting me? He keeps lunging at me from his t-stand and latching onto my arm! Whys he doing this and how can i stop it?! Thanks
  7. Glad it worked for you! I didn't know if it was a fluke or not. I will certainly use it again.
  8. My names Hayley I have a 30 year old blue fronted amazon named Jasper. I've had him for around 6months now. Hes come on so much! Abit of a biter though. I'm currently looking for another parrot to join my family. Can't wait!!
  9. Has anyone used homeopathic remedies for their parrot? I moved house a few weeks ago and had to move my 30year old Amazon. He doesn’t like travelling anyway so I was trying to find some sort of medication to calm him down. All I could find was the homeopathic remedies, which are known to have a placebo affect on people. I used the rescue remedies for about 5 days before I moved him and it seemed to work! It may have been just a fluke? I wondered if anyone else has tried or does use these homeopathic remedies? Hayley
  10. I've seen senegal parrots going for about £200 when the ads say there hand tame and talking. Why are they so much cheaper than amazons and african greys?
  11. Whenever I talk to my amazon parrot he turns his head upside down. why does he do this?
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