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  1. Hi, PMing just means send a private message, if you click on her user name under contact there is a button marked PM.. she should get a notification from the site then that a message is waiting.
  2. Hi richard, you might be better off pming TLM, they only registered here to report the sighting at my request after discussing the bird on another forum unrelated to birds.
  3. agreed, we have loads of cherry trees round here and come this time of year the place is littered with cherry pits that have gone whole through the digestive tract of various magpie, blackbird, crow etc.
  4. Oswin my eckki does that when hes excited
  5. wow I really like that pic lol
  6. try this http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=22263&id=116504811697836&l=72d62195c5
  7. Can you tell what it is yet??
  8. If you look in the foreign section of any major supper market you can find bags of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yam_%28vegetable%29#Nutritional_value . my oswin loves the stuff, its a bit like mashed potato very easy to make up and very nutritious.
  9. either vinegar and water, or bicarbonate of soda either in water or as a paste. the bicarb really shifts the birdie poo.
  10. are you posting from somewhere that restricts access to facebook? other than that can you see the images when you click on where it says press f5 to reload?
  11. Burrrrrrrrrrrr its a bit cold mum! Oh its not so bad when the sun comes out Oh its a good view from up here huh?? whats tickling my feet!!
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