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  1. My birds live out of their cages most of the time and My Macaws all of the time, Apart from Angel who has one eye and no legs, Are you sure you are looking at MY photobucket, I can not see rows and rows of birds in cages, As for doing my aviaries yep I manage that as well and they are all fed,have a varied diet including cooked food, sprouted seeds etc I do put a lot of the birds away when people come but as I am too busy to entertain that is not often. Sorry where were we getting :!: me to change my mind :!: you haven't shown one picture to show me that the NPS is any different than the pictures I have here, and I also have pictures from Xaxy and Xexxy old friends of Mr Nichols taken a few years back that are far worse. So if you want to "get somewhere with me" show me an improvement. Read Mr Nichols blogs dated the 29/07/08 and 1/08/08 and you will see his talk about Rich and Vix unless it is an amazing coincidence that he has two people working at Fantasy Island and two people of the same name come on here saying how good the place is and Rich is using the same computer as..........guess who. Angel in a cage. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v642/jebirds/Angelbeingdemanding.jpg[/img] So basically you are saying that Rich and vikky on here are the same as on the nps forum?
  2. okay here goes ill try to be constructive , my birds here are not suitable for aviary life and at present I have no need or reason to rehome then but I do realise that some are suitable.I am considering actually doing a test whereas I put my fingers into the grey aviary mesh and see how many want human attention or how many just want food and will bite me.I really to feel like I will get bit loads. What is the actual problem with the NPS grey aviary , 1 the amount of birds? 2 The fact you all think the majority aren't suitable for it? 3 The lack of enrichment? What are the actual issues? Yes most talk in there but they have been taught to,yes parrots are good at hiding illness but a parrot not moving about perhaps fluffed up, perhaps with drooping wings or perhaps not moving around very much would ring alarm bells with me, there are keepers in and out that grey aviary all day and im sure they are more capable of spotting an unhappy or ill parrot better than me.
  3. Actually Mr Nichols was on Radio sheffield this morning on the 6 - 9 am breakfast show it can be heard on their website for those that are interested in the repeat. Who is not claiming to know who Jebirds?
  4. Im amazed you fin that strange they probably either live at the same house lindas husband perhaps or both work at the NPS?
  5. So actually how many are available or ready so to speak for re home out the 102. What is the average time they are with you before being rehomed. I presume you do not rehome the special needs ones? Please can you advise is your charity called parrotcare I cannot find you on the list of charities. Many thanks This one I cannot find Parrotcare as a charity.
  6. I would like an answer to my last post to Jebirds and I do not use a computer at the NPS. Thanks
  7. So actually how many are available or ready so to speak for re home out the 102. What is the average time they are with you before being rehomed. I presume you do not rehome the special needs ones? Please can you advise is your charity called parrotcare I cannot find you on the list of charities. Many thanks
  8. Jebirds , Can I just ask you why the birds you rehome you Don't ask for a donation surely it would make sence to do this not only does it help towards your running costs,it would stop those people just looking for a free parrot.Even the RSPCA you work so closely with ask for money to rehome.
  9. Im not sure which posts you are refering too but that may be that ive been working with the lady that looks after quarantine.I have done a couple of days volunteer work as I have already said in earlier posts.
  10. I do not have photos of it I do have a few of desford if that would be of any help but Im sure I it would be ok for me to take a few the next time im at the NPS what do you all want photos of. Linda (lindaloo) is a very nice ,professional lady who certainly knows her stuff if she says im wrong then I am. Ive been there for two days as a volunteer Ive asked so many questions and tried to remember the answers word for word. You can not remember it all in two days. I still think what they do is good,I think they have more birds than they expected this year hence all the new aviaries. I have not stepped foot in any aviary yet but did go to collect a grey abandoned in a flat and have helped in quarantene,hospital and recovery departments.There is a really nice lady that runs that department. I believe from what she said that she usually also takes any to the vets. Everthing is logged on a computer. Although I have seen it being done have not used that or helped to log anything. My days there are certainly busy none of the staff seem to have time on their hands ,its a full on job thats for sure.
  11. Im obviously getting most of it the wrong way round and I cannot do anymore volunteer work up there for a couple of weeks but rest assured Ill write it down in future.
  12. I did say i had probably worded it wrong.So you never send birds away for conservation then youy just rely on other zoos giving to you what you need for conservation is this correct? I obviously got it the wrong way round.
  13. It is possible I have worded it wrong I think it is the case that both females will always belong so to speak to the sanctuary but one might be exchanged for a male and returned again after breeding.Thats is how I read it but I could be explaining it wrong Ill try to clarify and write down what he says if he agrees to that. Hes a very busy guy,the tv calendar I think were there the other day so he is not always available for a long chat. Ok sort of guy though I think from what Ive seen of him.
  14. I didn't I took it to mean that if another zoo had a male and they needed a female the two could be exchanged for breeding he didnt say that directly and i will clarify this with him but im pretty sure thats what he meant.Two females obviously cannot be used for conservation but a zoo may have 2 males for example for which an exchange could be a possibility.Im pretty sure he tries his hardest to maintain the endangered species. I have done a couple of days volunteer work and am trying to ask him the questions everybody seems concerned about to perhaps make this thread a little less onesided. He is happy to answer questions and says he has nothing to hide.
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