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  1. Do you want a parent reared bird for breeding or a pet or a hand reared as a pet?I know the breeder I sold mine to.
  2. All the 2014 birds are sold.I expect to breed some this year.They will be parent reared but can be tamed in about 4 weeks.
  3. I breed them.I am in Swindon Wiltshire and they are from £650each.
  4. You do not say what age they are or what country you are in.It would require both to give an answer.
  5. A later start here but already have some Phigys Lorikeets on young,also Leadbeaters/Red Tailed Amazons and Yellow Shouldered young as well as some Java Greater Hill Mynahs. Many birds are on eggs/Hyacinths/Hispaniolan Amazons/Orange Winged Amazons/Yellow Naped Amazond/Yellow Lored Amazons etc so it could be a good year.
  6. The only flowers I put in with them is the Hibiscus.
  7. I used to keep Red Collared lorikeets,now only have Vini Australis/Phigysand Stellas here,others are on loan. Differend species of Lory's/Lorikeets can need different food,however you have a very easy species to work with if they are true Swainsons. I feed Aves Lorinectar but at about 1/2 the rate on the the instructions and others I have spoken to also do this.Fruit is Papaya/grapes/Banana/Sweetcorn/Peas/Pear/Apple/melon,you will see what and how much they will eat and use as such. Millet for Swainsons is fine in my opinion. Good luck with your birds.
  8. Citrus fruits bind Iron,slightly less of a problem if fed to parrots but a major cause of death in Toucans etc.
  9. Many breeders have bred Slender Billed Conures,some years ago I was offered a breeding colony but due to the fact they were not difficult to obtain I declined them.How times have changed.This year I only know of 1 breeders in the UK having young. I may get some pairs if I can find the space for them.
  10. I always find that having a male and female,rather than 2 males helps breeding success.
  11. It is an absolute nightmare importing Cites 1 birds from the USA(I have been trying for 2 years and still no luck)A number of pairs of adult Hyacinth come on the market in the UK and in Europe(I sold some pairs last year)you may be impatient or just looking in the wrong places.Or not wanting to pay the market price. Hyacinths will start breeding from 4-5 years(earliest I have known is 3)so why not buy young?
  12. When rearing a baby from the egg(I have done over 5000 of them from most species)I worry about each one. The goal for hand rearing is to get the bird digesting correctly,weight gain going upwards and looking healthy. If you have this then there is not much to worry about. Before the internet people would talk on the phone or meet in person and this is the only way in my view to get the correct information,sadly due to the anti's(GG and the like)we can no longer do this. I hope to leave the UK in the next few years so best of luck to all that are left here!
  13. Hi Jebirds Thank you for your reply. If the baby is gaining weight and digesting food well then there is nothing else you can do. Feeding now would be around 4 times per day,from 7am to 7 pm but no medication unless a diagnosis from a vet suggests this. Good luck. Birds like humans have a great will to live,we only can assist this at times.
  14. For a 4 hour old chick it should not be fed food at this age,water when de-hydrated is ok. Here food is fed after 24 hours to ensure the yolk sac is absorbed. You are feeding(did feed)once per hour around the clock.This is not good for any bird and will cause more problems (you mention liver but feeding like this, is to a degree how foie grasse is produced)Baby parrots should have at least 6 hours at night when they are empty so that the vital organs can recover.If the bird is de-hydrated then a feed of water alone can be fed. Why Nystatin was prescribed is beyond me(a simple test to see if any fungal problems should have been carried out,but I have never seen a problem with this in such a young bird). If bacteria was present from an un-absorbed yolk sac then I would expect to see the chick becoming paler in colour and digestion to slow.To give antibiotics without a diagnosis is at best unwise. With regards to the future of this bird:I have a policy that if any bird has been treated with antibiotics then it can never be sold(not a problem for a rescue!)some do well others not well but at weaning get a full evaluation from my avian vet.Fortunately I have not had any for a long time. In conclusion:Good luck and do not lose hope. I do suggest ceasing the treatment of Nystatin and Baytril until a diagnosis is given.
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