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  1. Hi all, can anyone advise me on the best cock bird to pair with a cinnamon blue hen greencheek to have the best chance of producing a blue pineapple please? It's taken me 3 years but I've finally achieved my goal of breeding my own male pineapple and I need a new greencheek related goal. Can anyone advise me please. I also have a pineapple hen that needs a mate also, any suggestions on what to pair her with? Thanks all. _Dan
  2. I am looking to find out some information on the mint / american dilute and suncheek mutations in green cheeked conures. I have only just come accross these mutations and i can find very little information on them. Can anyone help please?
  3. Hi all, I have been going to all the big uk bird shows for the past few years and i am really interested in seeing how other countries operate their shows. I know that shows exist in the likes of belgium and netherlands etc but can't seem to find any info on them. Is there any info about anywhere? can anyone enlighten me?
  4. Thank you all for those lovely posts, i am sure everyone would have done the same in my position. Seeing a bird in need is sole destroying and then to walk away and leave him there was impossible. So...... end of old life.....beginning of new........ Sparky update....... He has settled in a treat. Last night he looked very frightened and confused as to where he was but after some serious persuasion i managed to convince my dog molly to give up her spot opposite to our CAG's cage (Bubble) and he was left to get use to his surroundings. This morning i woke up and i couldn't believe how settled he was. I have had this week off on sick due to a hip operation so couldn't have been more perfect timing for me to give him the attention he needed to settle in. I have scrubbed his cage to get rid of the smell of smoke, binned his old toys that where all yellow/brown with nicotine and i have given him a bath with a spray gun (which he didn't like much but guess that will take time). I have made him some toys that he can chew and am popping into town for a few extra bits tomorrow. By the looks of things sparky hasn't been given fruit or veg before as he didn't know what to do with it but has taken a liking to grapes. i tried my luck for the first time this afternoon and to my suprise he let me stroke him no trouble at all. He is very soft and gentle and i am sure with a bit of time he will be silly tame. i am still waiting to hear what he says as all i have heard so far is a vague 'hello sparky' but i'm sure there is much more in there. If i knew how to i would put some pictures up here. If anyone can let me know how to do it, i will get right on it. Thank you all for your support yesterday and today, and a very special thank you to Tory from sparky. -Dan Might have figured it out.... here goes......
  5. I couldn't take the guilt of leaving him there so i have bought him. He is back home in my front room with my african grey. In the end i decided that £450 was less than the guilt of leaving him there. He is wonderful sulpher crested cockatoo called sparky who was cooped up in a dingy smoke filled flat with no sun light and when i asked what he ate the guy said hoola hoops and toast. No wonder he has plucked his feathers bless him. The guy said he hadn't ever sprayed him so i think we some care and attention and a good bath often he will be right as rain soon enough. Thankyou Tory for spotting this poor little fellow and i can assure you all he is now in a loving home, Safe!
  6. Have been to see the bird tonight, the picture shown above is a very bad photo, the feathers have started to grow back and he actually looks better. Unfortunately i cannot afford to buy the bird off the owner, however, he has said that he would accept £450 for both the bird and his cage. I'm not sure what to do at present as i don't like the idea of leaving the bird with an owner who clearly doesn't want him as i could clearly give him the care and attention he needs but i just cannot afford the £450 that the gent is asking.
  7. Apparently the guy who has him never lets him out of the cage and pays him any attention. Poor little fellow sounds like he just needs some attention. I will be able to make a better assessment later but will report back anyways.
  8. I have rang the gentleman who is selling the bird and i am going to take a look at him later. I will keep you posted on progress as and when.
  9. Thank you. i will try my very best for the poor little fellow.
  10. Please will you PM me the details. I live in Hull and will do my best. Not sure if i can afford to buy him but i will see what i can do amongst friends. Poor little fellow.
  11. Hi lou0504 I started with budgies about 10 years ago and i can safely say they were the quietest, easiest birds to both keep and breed. I loved them and got no end of joy out of them, however, BE WARNED Keeping avairy birds is addictive. haha. Once you get the bug you can't stop and i now have 12 flights in my back garden with amazons, caiques and conures......
  12. Not sure whether this is common knowledge or not but a few months ago i went and asked a local market stall if they ever had any left over fruit that was no longer fit for human consumption (i.e very ripe fruit, nothing rotten.) and they now let me purchase that for a very low price. If anyone has a near by market or fruit and veg shop it is maybe worth asking. They are usually keen as they get money for something they'd generally lose on and you get some very cheap, still edible fruit. Hope this helps.......
  13. I'll second that comment Little als mum, it would be nice if people could discuss things without the aggressive attitude. I love this site and find it the most friendliest foram i have come accross. I have made friends with both breeders and rehomers since joining this site and i believe without this site i would not have met these people. In order to pass on knowledge and help anyone who requires help, in my opinion, both breeders and buyers/rehomers should feel welcome
  14. Thank you. I have bred the last two years without supplementing my parrots diet however as i have only just come accross the idea i was wondering if it was beneficial or not.....
  15. Hi all, As i am fairly new to the world of breeding parrots, i have recently come accross supplements used to keep birds healthy and to ensure top condition during breeding seasons. As i know very little about this topic i was wondering if anyone could shed some light on the subject in order to trigger a discussion. I have put together some questions that i am very interested to know the answers to.... What supplements are there? What do they do? What supplements do others use? what are peoples views on them? Anyones input is welcome and greatly recieved
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