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  1. i have bught 2 more budgies i thought i would stay with what i know lol
  2. ok i will give it a go, i will sit and watch them for a few minutes, the only other thign i worrie about is cage size will that make them fight as well should i leave it till i have a bigger cage ?
  3. bite like fury ?? right ok they can keep him lol
  4. i put the cages of my 2 budgies next to each other they have clamed down less sqwurking but i have notice only tonight that headwig is tryong to get in to the other birds cage he is trying to find a way in veyr fidgety, does this mena they are ready to go in to the same cage ? if so which one should i move ? headwig would be easier as he is the tamer of the 2, what do i do if they started fighting with eachother ? any help with this would be great and asap please
  5. thank you i was looking on preloved a site like ebay, but thank you i will definatly have a read
  6. seen one for sale what are they like ? i might not get one its just located very close, i have never owend one, says it cage defensive and you have to wait for him to come out ? does this sund like something for more experianced bird owners your all gunna be fed up with my questions about birds, i just want to make sure i am geting the right one
  7. aww welldone charley i think they learn form other birds it takes time but i think its allways worth it in the end my budgie now eats my from my daughters hand where as before he would only let my hand near him
  8. i am an hour away from reading or just over so i would obvs be a last choice but if you get stuck i am happy to help out, i ahve only owned budgies and have a 5yr old thought i would say in case the birds are not comptable or you need someone witha bit more experiance ?
  9. i have just moved the cages and they are not sqwurking, it like magic they havent completly stoped but wow its a veyr big difrence thank you its amazing that how they were tryong to tell me to move them back together peace that is the oddest thing i thought they were just nosiey i cant get over tho how a parrot could make more noise lol, ok so i am going to move my room round so they can be closer, headwig is still shouting a bit but he does it to his mirror i was gunna take it out but i wouldnt want him to be upset, i hope you all dont think i like my brids to not make a noise lol i love to hear the cherping but when you get woken at 5 from a squwark which lasts most of the day it drives you mad lol ok problem solved ish lol i need to move the so i can acess there seed and water becuase i cant how they now ith out moving one of the cages
  10. it was hight of cage they had a probelm with, they have never been in the smae cage as i got them a few years apart, i could record the sound ? i just dont like to think the shouts are down to them being un happy its only been recently they started it might be due to me moving them around as there cages are not close ? would it be safe to move them to the same cage ? headwig ust to sit on top of travi's cage when i let him out and they didnt mind ? i do try and let them out i will open the door but they won come out even when i put my hand in head wig sit on my finger put as i get to the door he jumps back on to the perch ? i dont like ot think of them as un happy i might see about gettiing a bigger cage or moving them closer to eachother ? you got me worried now
  11. really ? ouch i dont mind the cherping it the sqwaurking i am wondering if they want to be in together or if they need to be in difrent rooms they are shouting at eachother ? thanks i will have a read thank you
  12. if my budgies get fat will they squawk less lol, my budgies wont eat fruit but they do it it dryer with seed i have bought small round seed thing with dried fruit in and egg they eat that but fresh fruit no way lol i eve tried getting some myself like you do with kids is there anywhere on hear i can ask about my budgies because they really are driving me mad and frankly they have never been so bad they just make noise its nice noise either
  13. i ahve seen on a pet thing that they would put the hand out flat on the tp of the cage, once the bird stepd up they got reward ? dont know if this will help ?
  14. i would love to help out but no nothing about gags so i wouldnt be much help, hope you find someone tho hun
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