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  1. Asher - The Congo Africa Grey, also answers to: Asher Ash Red Bum Dude Oi! Grey Earl
  2. If I did not have Asher I would have to get an alarm clock, if he did not wake me in the morning I would panic and think something was wrong. All of my previous companions have been the same, wake at the crack of dawn and come find out why I'm still alseep... which of course wakes me up. (They are never 'caged', they come and go as they please taking themselves off to bed at night and choosing to arise when they like. I find it is very empowering for rescue birds especially, it gives them something back after all they have been through.
  3. Asher sits in the window and says things like "I know", "Hello", "Byeee!", "peep bo!" and this is priceless... "Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! ow!.."
  4. Top of the list: The Vacuum Cleaner. Without this crucial invention it is unlikely that humans would for long have continued the practice of keeping birds indoors! The Washing Machine: Another essential item of any self respecting parrot owner. 'nuff said... The Mobile Phone: To have your 'pet' calmed and soothed by the vet as you are transported in with some trivial malady is absolutely essential to arriving at the aforemention veterinarians surgery in one piece... If you have never seen a panicked pet human female behind the wheel of a car then think yourself fortunate! Mobile Phone Hands Free Kit: See Above. The Computer: This was an accidental invention by a parrot called Alex, but is now an essential part of any parrot home for research and study of the human character and behaviour, much can be learned from observing your pet human while they surf sites such as youtube and facebook. An ever evolving vocabulary of new words and sounds can be mimicked and learned for later reproduction. Safety Enclosure (Also known as 'the panic room'): This is a purely self defensive device that enables parrots to live with their pets knowing that nothing in their world can touch them. Aka parrot cage. There are many other things that have been invented who's origin can be traced back to the need for either accommodating, caring for or clearing up after... A parrot. But remember this: Without us our pet humans would have no sense of humour and be as boring as hell...
  5. The larger multi-function units come with many other built in options for example: alarm clock, intruder alert, sound recorder and many other useful attributes. My shredder is particular fond of recording and replaying normal human bodily noise functions especially first thing in the morning.
  6. For those of you unfamiliar with the 'Blower' model I would recommend looking up your nearest Macaw owner for a first hand demonstration.
  7. Ria... I see the problem, you need a 'Blower' Blowers are best chosen fo their wingspan, over fifteen inches is ideal. Like choosing a chainsaw if you don't get one thats 'Saw Enough' for the job... Speaking of chainsaws...
  8. Dear Fuzz, If your bird is poorly you should of course take itto the vet, which is something I should have said to begin with but if you are simply following the vien of conversation it could be that your 'Organic Shredder' has just become bored with shredding and is developing a more intellectual view of it's world... perhaps few encyclopedia or telephone directories would help? :-\
  9. Which reminds me, I must cut uyp some more wood. Asher is chewing through the stock faste than it's selling at the moment.
  10. Unintentionally shredded items... yes, very problematic. But as I mentioned earlier with enough availability of shredding supplies you should be able to avoid this happenstance, if you are tempted to trade in your Organic Shredder for a mechanical one it might be worth thinking about the upsides of having an Organic Shredder over a mechanical counterpart. Mobility: Mechanical Shredders - Must be manually placed wherever it is to be used and must be 'hand fed', prone to feed jams and power outtages. Organic Shredder: Self propelled, automatic shred feed, fully autonomous. Running Costs: These vary widely for Organic Shredders depending on make and model but generally a few pounds of organic edible 'stuff' is sufficient to maintain a healthy Shredder. Mechanical shredders on the other hand frequently require 'blade' changes/sharpening which can be expensive depending again on make and model (The big ones at the amenity tip cost several thousand pounds to service every six months). So you see, the reasons you chose an Organic Shredder over a mechanical one are still as valid today as they were when you first assessed the need for a shredder.
  11. That sounds ominous... a 'quiet' shredder, did you try oiling it? I understand palm kernel oil is very good for the inner and outer workings of organic shredders. I have seen palm kernel extrat in very convenient 100ml reusable jars sold alongside 80ml refill sachet's, I think you can find 'shreddable' real wood sticks from the same vendor that have been soaked in this extract that many people report their shredders enthusiasticly enjoy. It might be worth mentioning that 'quiet' shredders are more often than not being fussy about what they will and will not shred, sometimes this follows the loss/replacement of a companion shredder that enjoyed competition shredding?
  12. Yes, all those things will shred with ease. Shredders are noisy at times, I don't think it's a maintenance issue I bielieve your shredder just needs more to shred, have you considered offering shredding services to your neighbours?
  13. Your 'Organic Shredder' model should be chosen to compliment your office not be a distraction. Here are some of the 'overheads' you will encounter along the way, this is based on one model in particular. Make: African Grey Model: Congo Running Costs: Approx £15 - £20 per week (spoilt). (Excl Vet Bills) Diet: Very Fussy Character: Shy, reserved, very vocal, prefers balls of wadded newspaper to real parrot toys. Favourite Noise: "Ow!" Shredding Capacity: Wood, paper, cage covers, clothing, shoes, cardboard, wooden chopping boards and anything else within reasonable reach. (This is not an exhaustive list, I am certain there are exotic items possibly of very high value that will shred equally well) Items that *WILL NOT* go through your shredder: Glass, soft metals, jewellry, laptops, cellphones (No you WILL have to answer it) although given the time and opportunity your Organic Shredder will try it's level best to accomplish the shredding of these items it is not adviseable. When choosing your 'Organic Shredder' please be mindful that they can be stubborn, difficult to stop once started, expensive to run and sometimes do not shred as expected.
  14. I too have a CAG that is 'barbering', I am attacking the problem in much the same way with spraying and plenty of chewing toys and real wood sticks soaked in palm kernel extract. I have had Asher now for about a year and initially he was an extreme xenophobic seed junkie who had likely never been out of his cage from the day he ws 'installed' in it. Loopy there is a lot of information and useful links on my website related to behavoural issues along with other resources and stories, even though it has been over a year and I have still not really begun to write about Asher (formerly 'Timmie' for those who remember me aquiring him, he refused to acknowledge 'Timmie' so I tried a few other things and it turns out Timmie isn't his name, which being an african grey he unsurprisingly told me his name is Asher ). Much of the 'narratives' on the site still relate to my dearly missed Hoodie who I am unashamed to say that I still miss dearly as far as to say I miss him more than my kid brother who died ten years ago in suspicious and mysterious circumstances. One of the prime reasons I have not written much about Asher on my website is because every time I try to compose something my head starts filling with images and 'dream clips' of Hoodie doing something funny or being he usual gregarious, extrovert and brash self and my eyes start swimming so much I can't see what I am typing. So, for the moment... I have given up on writing about companions. Anyway... I digress, please take a look at my website, if you require any information on Applied Behaviour Analysis I have some very informative papers on the subject I can attach to an email. Asher & Michael
  15. Different parrots react in different ways to "Housework" in general. Asher will start preening, singing and chucking stuff out of his cage if I get the hoover out but completely ignores washing. Hoodie on the other hand... abhorred washing and would attack, beat up or otherwise assault anything resembling washing being hung up and would sit on the hoover banging it with his beak until it was switched off at which point he disdainfully ignored it. In Asher's case he is trying to help by cleaning himself and his surroundings, with hoodie he saw it as a 'change' to his environment and we all know how parrots react to change... of any kind, the slightest change in some cases. I have known people to change their nail polish colour and their parrot has totally wigged out at it, yet a complete change of environement has not phased them at all. No two parrots are the same and there are no hard and fast rules for why parrots do some of the things they do. Best you can do is watch, try to learn why, change the situation slightly to see if it has any effect. Cover the hoover with a tea towel when you are using it etc...
  16. Raisins are quite high in iron, personally i would reserve them as a treat.
  17. Tea Tree oil, theraputic grade... works wonders, aids healing, taste like crap, stops picking.
  18. Absolutely! You clean... They want to clean. Simples!
  19. Rule of thumb (there are some exceptions: Avocado for example) if it's good for you... It's good for your bird, but do research boforehand (re: Avocado).
  20. I guess, really, I should pick this back up. But be warned... I am NOT OVER Hoodie... I still miss him deeply, mornings are the worst time. Then i'll be doing something and turn to accuse him of stealing the pliers or screwdriver or... ...and I catch myself while staring at his understudy. http://www.lorikeets.com/feeding.htm Because Parrots need manners and education just as human children need manners and education. http://www.birdchannel.com/bird-behavior-and-training/default.aspx Houdini - Yellow Backed Chattering Lory http://www.stig.netne.net/cache/hoodie.php
  21. If anyone would like a copy of this document for offline reading please message me. Avian Medicine - Principles and Application.pdf (email is better as I do not check messages often on here)
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