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  1. yes i agree very very informative i wish ide came across this before i lost my lil fella, i cant keep off this site
  2. :cry: yeah i contacted john the day after lenny went missing, we are trying to stay positive we both jumped out of bed this morning when we thought we heard him (boo hoo) not lenny though, a lady the other day at work over heard me talking about lenny..and she said have u lost a parrot? yes i said... she then replied oh my son in law seen one about week and half ago sitting up the grave yard which is two minutes away... i then said why didnt he ring the police or anyone... she said he just probably didnt think ;( .... :cry: if only the general public would realise that these birds are our beloved pets. :cry:
  3. :cry: yeah done all that and more.......... its just the waiting game hope someone sees him :cry: :cry:
  4. :cry: thank you :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
  5. :cry: thanx 4 that, cant give up the house is tooooo quiet without him
  6. Escaped birds can and survive in the wild and even with the recent bad weather this is a good time of year for them to survive , and some birds have been caught after over a year in the wild ! However some birds do not survive which category your bird is in time will tell but don`t give up hope just yet . As to the reported sighting and the woodpecker ------------- I`m just wondering which call of the "Yaffle " was recorded and played for the observer to listen to because it is a bird that has confused many with it`s calls . I assume that you know of the characteristic laughing call and it was that which was recorded and not the drumming of woodpeckers . But do you also know the less often used call that is sometimes described as being like a child crying /screaming and which has confused many who have heard it for the 1st time ? Just in case you have not explored all avenues to finding your perhaps you should look in our lost & found section for more help and advice and particularly @ this topic https://www.parrot-link.co.uk/topic/7831-lostfound-important-help-advice-tips%c2%a9/ best of luck in your search :cry: thanx 4 message, will let mick my partner read this when he returns from work, however he is quite clued up on birds in the wild and he is positive its the woodpecker the guy has heard and not lenny.......cant give up..hes such a miss he was a fab little fella
  7. Hi, lenny is a hahns macaw, and have contacted local radio,newspapers,rspb,rspca,vets,ect..done everything i can possibly think of....thanx for all concerns
  8. edit by moderator: Have moved your other thread to the Lost and Found Section. https://www.parrot-link.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?p=382399 :cry: hi everyone.... Sadly on fathers day my little lenny got out..Just wondering if anyone knows anything on chances of his survival? its two weeks this sunday,was a possible sighting fri, spent eight hrs in woods but nothing! Cant stop crying and my partner is even worse both totally distraght, left my details with everyone known to man! I will not give up hope, and wont give up on him we had just learnt him another word aswell he was a good little talker! boo hooooo. Can anyone give me some advice or a bit of hope in finding him alive, i would give my right arm to have him back, anyway thanx 2 anyone taking the time to read me message and will be sitting waiting on some replies.
  9. :cry: hi everyone new here, can anyone give me some answers? i lost my little lenny fathers day, we have done everything possible to try and find him, contacted everyone and left my details, does anyone know the chances of him surviving in wild for this long its two weeks this sunday!!! boo hoo!! we had a call from a guy who said he was in a wood we spent 8 hrs there and nothing but my partner did see a green wood pecker, he taped the call of woodpecker and played this back to the guy and the guy said " no that was not the sound he heard" as he went on... he thought the sound was a screaming, so still waiting on another sighting hopefully, but would be grateful if anyone knows of chances of his survival after this long.
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