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  1. My parrot also does this, this is how I handle it - if a male comes I take him into the other room - since she also flys on my brother and dad at certain times, of we have a family time, rocky goes in the cage She's been doing it less and less for the past few years and I'm certain she'll be able to control her harmonic action against people she knows next year about strangers I'm positive she'll keep flying on them for a few more years because she loves to protect me Hope I helped
  2. if you like...i can upload some videos from the bird tricks guy...since i ordered the cds a long time ago in my opinion its pretty good...but what do i know >,>
  3. yeh but it flys on visitors lol and prefers to walk normally
  4. i dont think i can get it to fly for some reason, with the 3 years that we have had rocky we have never clliped her wings however she dosent really fly confidently out of her room. she tends to walk should i take her to the vets to get her checked out ? also will she ever get over this fly on visitor habbit? mayby when she is older thanks for answering guys!
  5. to stop rocky from flying on visitors when they come over and genrally just get her to be more friendly with guest. shes about 6 or 7 and i believe she is going through her hormonial stages, i was wondering how long will the stage last or will she be like this all the time ? really needing some guidance from an experienced amazon/cockatoo owner who has dealen with this kind of behaviour
  6. Was just trying to say this world is full of suprises
  7. you think this is bad....in a few years time doctors are gunna be using pig hearts for our transplants due to shortages in human donors if u dont believe me google it
  8. hamzah

    My Poem

    As it perched up there i couldnt help but stare its scarlet red breasts facing my chest its pearl black eyes illuminated by the starlight its perfect yellow feathers lit up the pathwalk the green on its wings reminded of spring like lush green grass swaying with the wind As it gazed at me i could move no more the look in its eyes overpowered my senses the lonliess the fear our emotions connected behind those eyes were nothing more than sorrow caged up emotions crying out for affection Anger rushed through my veins how could one oppress such a perfect creature The guilt, the suspense, i could take no more all my feelings wanted her more i felt the need to relieve her grief in an instant reality sent a jolt through my spine could i really offer better, thoughts corroded my mind would i have the paitence to rehome the creature the resolve to bring out her confidence As it perched up there i couldnt help but stare...... Thanks for reading my poem !
  9. heya peeps am i counted as a kid still 15 =p ?
  10. just done it, seems to be working.
  11. so one more time to clarify : pg tips boil some water milk or no milk? sugar and no sugar i kno it sounds tupid but i jsut wanna make sure
  12. we use a shower and could you explain more on the cold tea ?
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