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  1. MarkGreen

    Rapid Whole Body Bobbing

    Yes indeed, I sometimes wonder at it myself! I think Pip has loads of pics of George and Charlie on her Flickr account. Perhaps she could link you to some. Pip? :-)
  2. MarkGreen

    Rapid Whole Body Bobbing

    Well, been a member for over a year, so thought I'd better post. . . at least once! :-) I've started setting up a rope/toy/climbing area above the cages now, and George seems to be very accepting of the changes. He hasn't ventured up there yet but. . . . . watch this space.
  3. MarkGreen

    Rapid Whole Body Bobbing

    Thanks Leslie for that. He's definately happy. i couldn't decide if it's a spontaneous/involuntary action. PS He's currently regurgitating for Pip, and she's pretending to eat the gift. Yuk! :-)
  4. MarkGreen

    Rapid Whole Body Bobbing

    My newly acquired African Grey does this rather marvellous whole body bobbing up and down action. It appears to be random, and will often happen as I approach George or talk to him from a distance. It's not a regurgitating action, that's a different action, and he appears to be happy. My Amazon has never does this, and Pip's (forum member) African Grey also does the whole body bobbing. Any ideas?