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  1. hope he is found soon
  2. i dont know if this one is yours but there is a found african grey on the pirate fm website http://www.piratefm.co.uk/contribute/help-desk/?st=2
  3. tina3462

    Hi there from Cornwall (ChazysMum)

    hi i am from cornwall to
  4. tina3462

    Is wing clipping always unkind?

    none of mine birds have there wings clipped they love to fly
  5. you could try juicing the fruit hope Jimmie gets better soon
  6. tina3462

    My new play flight

    looks good i want one but i have to move to a house with a bigger garden
  7. tina3462


    hi gillian i love cornwall so quiet and peaceful who else is from cornwall?
  8. tina3462

    cameroon scam?

    scam i have had a reply like that
  9. tina3462


    is the parrot-link on facebook as a group or a fan page?
  10. there are loads of scams on the net from eggs to adopt a parrot/dog/monkey £0 all you have to pay for is the transport which is also run by the scammer if you say you want to pick the egg/parrot up you wont hear back from them. i have contacted a few just to see there reply i have reported many but they are still on the net i have found websites full off scams makes me think the scammer owns the site thats why they havent been removed
  11. tina3462

    Cockatoo shot dead !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thats sick how can anyone do that
  12. tina3462

    Wing Flickering

    my cag does that in the evenings when he is resting, its like a nervous twitch A quick flick of the wing and head
  13. he needs a low sunflower parrot mix diet i use tidymix http://www.tidymixdiets.com/products.htm