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  1. LOL! need to catch that on video one time!!
  2. Hi Lornsy! What a Beatiful lil lad he is! keeping you on your toes! half the fun i guess lol! can i guess where you got his carry cage!? i just love it! Thanks
  3. oh my gosh! the stress you most be going thru so hope it goes smoothly for you!! Fingers legs etc etc crossed!
  4. Tru

    New door

    not bad idea just be a pain to fit as our Parrot room is old Spare bedroom upstairs etc but will deff look in to it! ~(only have one parrot but he has his own room! Thanks Net!
  5. aawww the poor wee guy! so glad he has found a good home and some one to love him!
  6. Tru

    New door

    I love this idea was speak with my partner (he is a joiner very handy have to say lol) we both love the idea so he is makin one for our door! but im gutted as our window open in to the room! so need to get thinkin cap on!! if u have any idea would love to hear them!!! Thanks Guys + Dolls! and again LC Well done!
  7. i had that few times with this site and other forums i use! i deleted my history and Cookies seems to be working now hope that helps some
  8. from one newbie to another!! Hiya!!
  9. Hello Folks! Hope we are all Well!, we are mad on parrots they are our children lol! we are based in central scotland ! just a lil intro and a BIG Hi from us Alex+Stu
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