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  1. Thanks to everyone who voted ... now just got to wait and see if he made it through to the telephone votes! x
  2. To anyone who may have already voted via the second link I left, it seems to be messed up and not registering the votes so please can you redo it via the first link? Thanks a mil xx
  3. Hi guys, Would you mind voting for my son, Kieran, in the "Sunbeams" competition please? Here is a link: http://sunbeams.thesun.co.uk/gallery.php Type "Kieran Walpole" into the search box, click on his photo and you'll see the red vote button. Thanks, I owe you all one! x
  4. Freddie, does this article help at all? http://www.heidihoefer.com/pages/birds/avian_blood_test.htm
  5. It's been a few weeks since I posted but I am getting used to life without Rachel and Rocky. I still miss them both dearly and have printed off some lovely photos of them and have them up on the wall in the bird room ... soon to be our dining room. My cockatiel still appears to be in good health and it is really only this past week that he has started to act his usual self. He had been very subdued since we lost the other two. I just thought I'd let you know what the blood results showed as I've been sent the money from the insurance company and a full report by the vet was included. This is what it says (hope somebody can shed some light): Low wcc = 0.5 Sl. elevated CK = 393 AST = 856 Uric acid = 444 TP = 24 Alb = 7 Now the only thing there I recognise is the white cell count and it has in brackets that the range is normally 3.9-13.5 so Rachel's was very, very low. What do the others symbolise? Thanks in advance everyone xx
  6. Thanks Debs. I've been out and bought some nice photo frames today and am going to print off A4 photos of both Rachel and Rocky and hang them in the centre of the bird room. We're going to turn it into a dining room as only have Ollie in there now and it's so bare. Everybody will always know though that my beloved little babies lived in there...
  7. Thank you very much for all your kind words. We've just got back from our Honeymoon and the house is very quiet without Rachel around. I've found this week quite difficult and keep picturing Rachel's little face when I go to sleep ... he's one bird I'll never ever forget and even though we only had him for 2 years, I feel like he was a part of my life forever and will cherish all my memories. The bird room has been completely fogged with F10 and my cockatiel seems fine and neither Hubby or I are showing any signs of any kind of illness so I really don't think it was something that's transmissible to humans. Rachel is at peace now and today we received the cheque from the insurance company for his death. It's so sad and so final, but he truly was brave until the very end :cry:
  8. I am completely heartbroken. Rachel has passed away. Hubby came home to find him gone in the travel box. I don't know if it was the fall this morning that contributed or if he couldn't fight any longer but I am absolutely gutted and cannot stop crying wondering if I could've done anymore for him. I had just arranged for him to spend the whole week at a vets in Bury and he was going to get 24 hour care. Life is so cruel and I'm through with birds. I have Ollie and that's all I'm ever going to have because I can't put myself through the pain anymore! Friday 13th and a fantastic start to our Honeymoon ... I just hope and pray that despite Rachel's brave appearance, he didn't suffer Hubby had to phone the vets about a post mortem and they said because it was the central nervous system that was affected, he would have to be sent away to a lab and it would cost £157. I couldn't face that so Hubs spoke to Golden Valley and they were happy for us to get a letter confirmation the death from our local (non Avian) vets and we were able to bury Rachel besides Birdie and Trixie (my dog) so all 3 are now at peace together. :(:(:(:( I just wanted to say thank you to each and every one of you for all your kind words and advice over the past couple of weeks and I'm sorry to have to deliver such horrible news
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