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  1. Any one know if this is still operating? I went on their website and though they are advertising a lot of birds that need homes none of the other pages I went on are coming up as not available. I just wondered if any of you knew if it was still going?
  2. Thanks for the replies. I will do as you say Marion.Ive tried it and just spoke softly to him and told him to be gentle this seem to work.Thing is though I dont stroke down his back he throws himself of his cage backwards so he ends up lying in my hand on his back holding on to my fingers with his foot and beak.Is this ok or should I not touch his back at all? Any idea why he really bites and lunges at me when someone else is in the room? All advise gratefully received.Thanks. Chrissie
  3. Has any one bought any of these parrot training videos and if so do they help sort out problems with your bird.They all seem to be from america none from the UK or are they just a waste of money.Would appreciate any feed back on this subject. Chrissie.
  4. Could someone please give me some advise.I posted on here a couple of monthes ago to find out what my newly aquired 3yr old CAG was doing as I thought he was in pain or something.You kindly told me he was showing off to me as if I was his mate.Well I try not to touch him much when hes doing this as he likes to hold on to my finger at the same time and can get a bit rough which hurts.Thing is he is now doing it all the time when out of his cage if he comes down to see me if I ignore him or give him the evil eye he just lunges at me and tries to bite.I have tried playing with him with his toys but if I give him anything he tries to grab me instead.My 12yr old son was on the computer in the same room as me tonight and I let Casper out to play but he was just bitting me all the time and I had to send my son out until he calmed down.When I told my son he could come back in he refused until I put Casper back in his cage as he keeps trying to bite him as well.Sorry to go on but he is so lovely in as much as he sings ,chats and whistles all the time lets me stroke him in his cage without any trouble but I am getting where I dont want to let him out.
  5. Hi All and thanks for the advice I was in tears after reading about those poor cockatoos and have told my husband that we havent the experience for one of these birds and do not want to encourage breeders by buying one. We will have to think again. Thanks again for all the good advice.
  6. Lost on the 11/5/08 in Brackley Northants CAG.Whistles striptease music.Only 9mths old has a ring.Any info contact 01280 702736.Ask for Christine.Thanks. (Title edited by moderator - LAM)
  7. My husband has fallen in love with a 3mth old cockatoo I think it might be a mollucan but not sure.It is a peachy colour all over.No crest.They want alot of money for it but Im not sure.Ive read that they are fine till about 3yrs but can then turn a bit funny[aggresive].Also that they are very noisey.We are self employed and work from home so there would be someone with it all day.Would it get on with Casper my african grey as they are alot bigger? Anyone out there got one and could give advice?I would be really gratefull.What would be a suitable companion for Casper I see from your pics that alot of you have more than one bird.
  8. Hi,Tammy so glad you could help.I lost my CAG called Kennie on the 11/5/08 from Brackley in Northants and was heartbroken so I know how you feel he was only 8mths old and I loved him so much.Now I know more about AGs by Kennies size Im sure the breeder gave me a girl and told me it was a boy but it didnt matter I still look for him though I know he is probably miles away.I live in hope that one day someone will find him.My husband came home with Casper a 3yr old CAG for me and he is a little darling but I will never forget Kennie.Good Luck in your search for Kaife. Chrissie
  9. Cathy. I have just watched your video of Bobby and thats it,exactly, even the same squeeking noises. So its a love dance. Oh,Bless. Casper regurgitates as well and tries to feed my fingers.Thanks for that I really though that there was something wrong.
  10. Thanks for all the replies and sorry I have not got back sooner but it is a work of art some nights getting near the computer with the kids.Casper is definatly a male as he came with his DNA cert.He is still acting the same and can be a bit of a lunger with the others if they try and give him something. I surpose it will take a little time for him to settle down. He is getting braver though as when I had him out tonight he can down from his cage to see me and played with some toys near the computer though he tried to keep a foothold on his cage most of the time but HOORAY another step foward.
  11. Hi, I am a new member to the forum and hope someone can help.I purchased a 3yr old CAG two weeks ago from a breeder the previous owner had developed a lung problem and the family had to sell the bird. The breeder only had him 1 evening as we brought him the next day.He has settled in really well and sings and talks like mad but will only whistle when my husband is around and will only talk when he is out of site.I have 2 sons 24yrs and 13yrs and he chats to them.The thing is when I get Casper [CAGs name] out of his cage he sits on the cage door and wants a fuss but when I stroke him he makes funny squeeking noises, splays his wing to reveal his back and seems to get quite distressed.I have just been sitting with him till he calms down but he does it everytime I fuss him.He is also quite agressive towards my hubby who cant walk passed the cage without him lunging at him.Martin my hubby is really soft with all animals and doesnt understand why Caspers like he is.Sorry to waffle on. You all must think you have a right one here but we all love Casper and want to do the right thing.
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