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  1. Are they climbing up the aviary mesh? Could some 4mm polycarbonate sheeting for the lower half of the panels help?
  2. As we can be certin that whoever the person pretending to be Brian Perks has read all of the above, perhaps he will stop his nonsense and grow up?
  3. What sort of conures are you talking about? aratinga or pyrrhura?
  4. Isnt it about time you took legal action against this cretin?
  5. Apparently this guy has promised the birds to quite a few people. I hear that they are 10,000euro a pair direct from South Africa, so if they are in Europe and being sold for 5000euro, then there is obviously a problem..May be 2 males? There are many more males than females..
  6. What are the bird's droppings looking like?
  7. Sounds like a very interesting and worthwhile study, Good luck!
  8. Its a very good set and definitely worth having a paper copy Its also on line for free here: http://www.arndt-verlag.com/projekt/birds_2.cgi?Search=&Lang= And by section like this (not listed them all) http://www.arndt-verlag.com/lories.htm http://www.arndt-verlag.com/cockatoo.htm http://www.arndt-verlag.com/australa.htm http://www.arndt-verlag.com/conures.htm http://www.arndt-verlag.com/africa.htm
  9. Hi All Thanks for your replies. I will use what i have sparingly...i think i have well over a years supply! In moderation it will provide a usefull extra source of carotenes (Vitamin A precursor)as well as various other beneficial things (Vitamin E, antioxidants etc)
  10. And apparently they also sell it at ASDA? (94p) http://www.mysupermarket.co.uk/asda-compare-prices/Oils_And_Vinegar/KTC_Unrefined_Palm_Oil_500ml.html
  11. I just bought a crate (12 x 500g) from a well known supplier for £50...then my friend told me about this place! http://www.spicesofindia.co.uk/acatalog/Indian-Food-KTC-Unrefined-Palm-Oil.html Do you recon its the same stuff?
  12. Excellent vets. Thoroughly recommend them. (Their phone number is 01622 726730) http://www.trinityvetcentre.co.uk/
  13. http://www.chinaprairie.com/articles/lories.html
  14. I have LOADS of hawthorn berries and am considering storing them somehow.... I thought either freezing or drying. Has anyone tried drying them? If so do you have any hints? I was looking at buying a food dehydrator for this purpose....has anyone used one? and can you suggest which one to buy? Many thanks, K
  15. Lutino cock x normal hen = split lutino ***** and lutino hens Normal cock x lutino hen = split ***** and normal hens Split cock x lutino hens = 50% split and 50% lutino *****, 50 %normal and 50% lutino hens. lutino x lutino =100% lutino
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