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  1. My grey is on the whole very sedate and well behaved but occasionally takes a fancy to the mirror and will find his way up there and chew chunks out of the wood, the first time he did this i got up and gently pushed him off with a cushion when 'NO' didn't work, had to do this a couple of times but now all i have to do is pick the cushion up and he flies down, he hates that cushion he has plenty of other things to chew on when the mood takes him, suppose it sounds a bit mean but i wouldn't let my kids jump on the furniture in muddy shoes and wreck the sofa either!
  2. that's him talking to himself mine do it but they talk to each other and chunter away, sometimes sounds like they are having a bit of an argument haha... when i just had one he'd do it as he was settling down for the night from what you describe it sounds like a contented chattering noise
  3. i agree, get another girl and give the pairs separate cages, we had this when we had 3 green cheeks only it was reversed, 2 girls one boy! one of our girls went to live with other halfs parents who already had a boy, all birds paired up and were instantly happy, problem solved! poor Teallie keep an eye out cos these fights can get pretty nasty esp if you're not there to break it up
  4. Bless i'm glad he was ok! must admit i'm a bit scared of tiny garden birds! it's the way they zoom around so quickly i think!
  5. i hope you are feeling a little better today hun, you fought to save Lizzie like a trooper and did everything you could, Lizzie was a lucky bird to have you as a slave so don't every doubt yourself cos we think you're great xxxx fly free Lizzie xxxx
  6. he's gorgeous! i'll second that about renting because we do! in fact we moved from the last place because our conures drove the neighbour crazy! new neighbours are lovely but the birds are not in any rooms that join to their house!
  7. i forgot to add re home a bird rather than buying a baby if you can! my grey is a re home, we are at least his third home, he's a pain in the butt sometimes but the rewards of persistence far outweigh the negatives! great clip.
  8. go for what your heart desires as long as you are totally aware of what you are taking on! you've worked with birds so you have a good idea although living with them is different especially living with noise levels! as you will be aware both galahs and macaws can be VERY loud! with the best will and all the research in the world we can never be prepared for what life is like with a parrot 24/7 until we actually do it! there are no such things as lie ins for us any more! i don't personally believe in 'starter parrots' as said before they can end up pushed to one side in favour of something a bit larger all to often, if you were to have a smaller bird i agree with the advice above, get two!! that way if you do end up wanting a bigger bird down the line then they will have each other for company. i started off with a green cheeked conure and soon after got him a girlfriend, they are bonded and happy which makes it easier for me to spend more time with my grey. i tried adding a galah into the mix not long ago but for various reasons it didn't work out. if i could have my time again i would only have bought 2 greys, hindsight is a great thing!! i'm sure you are aware of the noise levels but never underestimate the smaller birds, they can be ear splitting as mine are all day every day and sometimes i feel like pulling my hair out! they are nothing compared to the larger birds though just a different highly irritating pitch! Macaws are great birds, i believe the greenwings are the most laid back and i would love one but i know i couldn't cope with the noise and demand! Also don't forget to take into account that you might want kids one day with you being young, having a parrot is like being stuck with a 3 year old for the rest of your life! think about whether you could cope with that! i went into parrot keeping totally blindly and wish i'd had more advice and listened to it! good luck with whatever you decide!
  9. Liono


    a lot of us have tried pleading and offering to collect them.
  10. Such a hard time for you honey, i too hope you hear something soon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  11. He poops whenever he feels like it, i clearly didn't explain myself properly! i meant that he learned initially by me saying 'do a poo' which i suppose is a command, i don't make him stand there crossing his legs til i allow him to go now i remember why i don't post here anymore!
  12. Hiya, my cag is 5 years old, i've had him for 2 years and taught him to poop on command, he now takes himself off to his java tree for a poop and will fly up there on command, it didn't take long to teach him, i used to say 'do a poo' when i noticed he looked as though he might, he cottoned on and started to associate those words with 'doing a poo!' once we had sussed that i started saying it when he was on his java tree, he now does a poop on command before coming out of his cage and 99% of other poops he does on the java tree, in fact he just this second was sitting on my knee and flew off to his java to poop, i don't think i'm lucky, i think parrots are really intelligent and it's just down to repetition and being consistent! just say it to yours over and over again when you have found a designated area you'd like him to poop at!
  13. my green cheeks are ear splitting, they scream at every single plane that goes over and as we live in the flight path it is very often, i try to block it out but they can drive me to distraction sometimes, they tend to screech for literally hours if they sense a storm coming it's awful! mostly they are good though i can hear them when i'm in the car turning onto the drive as i get home and they are in the kitchen! i'm sure macaws and toos are much worse but for sheer annoyance with the high pitch of the shrieks my conures win for me lol whoever said green cheeks are 'quiet conures' was telling great big porkie pies! haha
  14. i agree about getting another, it will keep her company so you will have shrieking less often however when one starts the other will join in so although it will probably be screaming less often it will be easily twice as loud when they do start! i have 2 gcc's and they are wonderful company to each other but can be deafening! other wise i think ignoring the screams and carrying on as normal around her while she screams is your best bet, she will learn eventually that you are not going to pander to her, what she is doing is completely normal, you are part of her flock and she is calling you back bless her, if i were you i'd get another!
  15. bless him, yes it is easily done... a couple of months ago i pulled the door shut after me [not all the way] just as johnny flew up onto it and in a freak accident she snapped about half of the top part of her beak right off... the conures never ever fly around when out they either sit on us or the java tree, luckily she is fine after a trip to the vet to be cauterised and given anti b's and the beak has all but grown back! anyway after all that waffle i just wanted to say don't beat yourself up about it, these things DO happen! hope he is better soon and there isn't any proper damage!
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