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  1. yeh i've shocked myself but one day at a time maybe al get to pet him soon ha ha [-o<
  2. my friends amazon can hear his car driving up the road and he squaks loud enough for the world to hear and goes crazy when he gets in and anyone in his path gets bitten
  3. brilliant well theres hope for me an j.j yet lol =D>
  4. thanks Gemmz al give him a piece now he loves it
  5. is oranges ok for amazons j.j loves them but i was told to cut off the skin but he seems to like scrapin it out the skin he wont look at it if u take it off
  6. thanx. just figured out how to get pic of him on just hav to work on him to get sum hands on but he hates hands i can go face to face within a few inches but even the thought of a hand and hes up and of to the kitchen i put a perch at the kitchen window so he could hav somewhere to escape to he knows its there but only goes to it when hes scared so it calms him down its stopped him flyin into the windows thank goodness :wink:
  7. hi there nell here. at the moment j.j is loving pea pods its the first time he has taken food from the palm of my hand so i would say that is his fav at the moment
  8. hi nell here, got sum grt advice from everyone last time when i bought an aviary kept amazon, he was terrified of anything that moved. i hav done all u told me and he is coming on great. he now lets me close to him no touching yet though he does feed from the palm of my hand and seems to take to females, hates men so i'm assuming he is a male. i think i've got his trust :wink: so its onwards and upwards with j.j now i'm hoping he will trust me to b able to get to touch him soon well thanx for all the advice its been a grt challenge
  9. i've just bought a new cage for jj the one she is in is tiny wont b delivered till friday will it b ok to move her in right away any tips on this
  10. no i had a timneh african grey but he was mistreated by his owner and nothing we did calmed him down so we had to part with him he went to a good home though
  11. ok thanx i will persevere with her with ure advice an c how she goes i dont want to clip her wings so one day at a time
  12. hi just bought an ow amazon just lookin for info on wing clipping, we think j j is a female we got her from an elderly guy, cant get near her but she flies away into windows and walls, its quite frightening to see her so stressed out, can anyone help me calm her down
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