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  1. ZaZu gets a "big present order" from some parrot shops twice a year. Once in january (hey, I love a good sale!) and the other in the summer time, which I treat as her birthday. This is her in January with some of the stuff that arrived for her 😂 Usually a harness is always included, as she constantly chews through them. Other than that, food, treats, the more expensive foraging toys and the usual things. This big order twice a year usually keeps her going throughout the year (aside from additional orders of food)
  2. arwen

    purpose of Forum

    Also, people are now starting to realise that facebook groups can be helpful at the time of asking questions or looking for something. But they are not easily searchable so information quickly gets "lost".
  3. So I just got an email through to say this form had been revived! It's been soooooooo long since I logged on here. I first joined in 2004 when I was looking for my first parrot, who ended up being a senegal who I named ZaZu. 14 and a half years later, moving out of my parents house, moving away from everyone I had ever known, more house moves and thousands of miles in the car with me I still have ZaZu. She is now as tame as anything with me (she wasn't tame when I bought her). I've had a little look around and notice some familiar names, so look forward to chatting parrots with you all again! For now, here is a recent picture of her, up to mischief as usual! She over preens (has done for years) so always looks a bit scruffy!
  4. If you, or your brother knows the admin password for it they can go into the settings and 'reset' your accounts password. Other than thats there's not much else... :-s Try silly things like username 'admin' password 'admin' or 'administrator'. Sometimes the most 'insecure' passwords are the right ones :-)
  5. arwen

    Need help finding ........

    i can't even find it for that price! Just had a quick scan through some phone sites and there ranging from 70-130, so where ever you saw that its probably the cheapest :-)
  6. arwen


    So wishing i had my own place, i hate living at home with my mum!! Its like role reversal here cause my mums out all the time and am the one thats too skint to go out!!! Tho where i live its really pricy to rent :-( i'd be cheeper moving to Glasgow's west end that renting in my own town !
  7. arwen

    Teenagers are so cruel

    Kids can be cruel, especially girls, hence i pal'd around with guys from a young age Hope it passes by soon for her.
  8. Definitely seems fishy.... I agree with Storm, any chance of this guy being your postie?
  9. awww sweet, must be puppy season, i just got a wee jack russell the other week, http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v219/arwen_7/Jock/
  10. the bar spacing on that cage is far too big for a small conure like a green cheek, it will be suitable for biggere conures, but thats it u realy need to get it out of that cage one with smaller bar spacing ASAP! moved to Contact/Info/Help
  11. arwen


    senegal and a m/bellied counre
  12. there seems to be variations.... this one looks very blue to me... this one has various blue shades on it this one looks kinda purple.... and this ones the kinda dusty blue i assoicate with hyacinth macaws :? does there plumage change or darken with age or somthing?
  13. definition of hyacinth according to http://dictionary.reference.com/ ---- A deep purplish blue to vivid violet. so guess were both right
  14. blue. albeit a kinda dusty looking blue but it is blue hyacinth means blue does it not? :?
  15. arwen

    Playing with a Blue Fronted Amzon

    shenzi will hold my finger in her claw if she wants me to tickle her neck/head, maybe this is what he wants?