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  1. and thanks for all the help in the past click for pic :arrow: http://i263.photobucket.com/albums/ii155/dugie69/IMG_0646.jpg (edited by moderator )
  2. an update looking better all the time click for pic :arrow: http://i263.photobucket.com/albums/ii155/dugie69/IMG_0643_2.jpg (edited by moderator)
  3. thanks for all the info as to the 8 week parrot well we where a bit pi..ed of as we thought after 8 weeks we where going to keep him but it became complicated money ect ect, and me that is[ doug] got very attatched to him so we where on the look out for another we thought we would try and get the same type of parrot to fill the void left by charlie well we looked and looked and found polly
  4. and if you are in london any ideas as to where to obtain harrisons pellet mix cheers
  5. thanks this confirms what we thought in the first place ,as we had a blue front for 8 weeks this one seems to be less noisey are owa less extrovert and thanks for all your help so far
  6. we said that to the vet but he said it was blue fronted amazon we still think its an owa
  7. just a short update things seem to be moving along a bit better taking more food on board still flying around a far bit and making small amounts of noise not laud vocal but at least its something.now use a tea towel to try and stop the aggresion its working now only have to show the tea towel and the biting seems to stop thanks guys for all your help will keep you posted
  8. thanks guys will keep you posted
  9. she has not been given any pellets yet only parrot seed mix which owner gave us,we have allso tried her with seed bean pulse mix which has been soaked and just sprouting together with fresh fruit and veg we realise food and eating things can take a while its the sleeping for long periods thats worrying us
  10. gradualy but not even eating the food we where given by the previous owners
  11. no particular reason for buying 9 year old,she was fed on normal parrot seed mix however after seeing avian vet on wednesday where she had her beak clipped and claws trimed he advised us to change diet to pellet based or bean pulse mix which had been soaked together with fresh fruit and veg as i have said she will eat fresh fruit and veg only by hand,wont eat the seeds and will only drink when given she has company all day plenty of toys,the vet was allso on your list of avain vets and did not seem to worried and said she was in good fethered avarage weight,as a novice iot seems as if the beak has been very squared off?
  12. seller told us he was second owner haveing had parrot 5 years said she was vocal doing normal parot sounds was fed seed based food that now does not touch never been spitefull or bitten any one,reason for sale was that son suffered from asthma although they where keeping there senagal parrot and just aquired small dog,although parrots where housed in different rooms?could this allso be affecting the behavour of our parrot
  13. seems to be sleeping about 18 hours a day, not at all vocal,ie no screching,able to fly ok seems to like this,out of cage approx 12 hours a day but just seems to sleep in or out will only seem to eat if hand feed
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