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  1. And our baby sen. Now 4 months on she has mastered the flying/landing thing well
  2. Congrats. Hope you find your new addition soon.
  3. Gosh, as a dog lover, reading that has quite upset me...it doesn't sound like she has any attachment or bond with the dog at all From what has been said I agree with the others here...the dog sounds very frustrated and desperate for attention. Being honest, from reading what she posted, I think it'd be best all around for her to rehome him (can't bear to say 'get rid') - to sort out his behaviour is going to need a lot of time and commitment on her part and with a new baby on the way and the way she appears to feel about the dog...well I don't think it would work out? Sorry if my post comes across as a bit harsh, it's JMO
  4. Aww Bless, she looks a cheeky character
  5. Oooh I will keep a close watch on this thread. I'm needing to get a few bits ready for our new addition and noticed how much is out of stock at NP. Was going to resort to going to P@H next week, but would rather not if possible.
  6. Excellent! Thanks muchly folks I must be blind/useless as I've never found anything on eBay like the two linked. Think I'll contact the seller on the second like to start with after the recommendation. I'm not keen on the metal ones either - Chilli is a bit of an acrobat and likes plenty to do so I need something with lots of room to add things really. Thanks again, hopefully my birdies will have something soon
  7. Not had much luck on eBay with the stand...most of them seem designed for larger parrots, and the few that seem perfect are always pick-up only and sod's law dictates they're 100s of miles away :roll: Gwydhyel, that looks fab! Would be grateful if you could point in the right direction of where I can find yours Ideally I'm looking for a standing one, but there doesn't seem to be much suitable, so something like yours would be a great alternative
  8. Hi peeps, Have been on the look-out for months for a decent playstand for smaller birdies (Sennie/Meyers sized) and have found zilch, so thought it could be worth asking here. I'm ideally looking for a standing one with plenty of room to hang toys. So far the only thing I've found that looks OK is the parrot towers, but not sure really? I'm one of the least practical people ever so making one is not the best idea for me... Also while I'm here can I ask where you all buy your toys etc. online...I usually use 24parrot, but they seem to be out of stock of lots recently. Any ideas much appreciated.
  9. Thanks Rubytoo. This is Toby (who is a girlie despite the name) Have found they're also called crimson/blood winged parakeets and are more suited to aviary life really - I was a bit too naive and trusting when I bought her Thank you MadMudMob
  10. Thanks for the lovely welcomes peeps - love all the fab images
  11. Hiya, have just registered and thought it'd be polite to introduce myself... I have two birdies - Toby a 'Red Wing' who is approx 6.5yrs old and Chilli the Senegal who is 6mnths. I'm also slave to doggies and a tank full of fish. Will keep it short and sweet - not very good at intros :oops:
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