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  1. happy birthday and all the best Lets all your dreams come true Tania&Ivor
  2. I got the email below as a respond for one of the requests when i was looking to pair a pair of breeding african greys. I have many more like this one. they all at tell on their adverts that they are located in england/london etc. i am wondering how can i report them. Tania Hello , Good day and thanks very much for the inquiry about my parrots, we are very happy you are interested in our talking parrots. They are proven pair,hand fed,tamed and DNA tested and raised for pets, loving and just wants to be with you being scratched and loved. Talking and singing abaility if fair, beautiful, healthy feathers and could live with another bird. Have large cage to go with them for free, but will prefers they be out hanging around with their chew toys. loves bungies and swings. spends a lot of time hanging upside down, Our Macaws and Congo african grey receive the best care available by our well trained at homing. Every Macaw receives a special appropriate diet, fresh daily, consisting of a variety of fruits and Mazuri Low Iron Softbill pellets. they are 9 months old and we do also have the breeding pairs we give the 6 to 8 month old weaned Hyacinth macaw,Blue and Gold,and Scarlet macaws for babies for $600.00 and pair of baby macaw parrots for $1000 Breeding macaws for $ 1200 and a pair of breeding macaw for $ 2000 for both sexes of the breeding pairs we give our congo African greys greys for $300 and a pair for $600 if you see any of them, you'll fall in love with he or she.Any will make a wonderful companion and require a great deal of love,so we will like them to go only to some one who will give a good and loving home to them .Will come with health certificate and a 1 year health guarantee and vet papers.. attached are some of the pictures of our baby macaw ,Congo greys and breeding macaws get back to us with the age range you are interested in buying, the species of macaw you are interested in buying from the pictures below, including the address you will want any delivered to you like your full names location home address city phone number closest airport and a fax number which we will use to fax copies of health documents to you as soon as we will register the birds for effective shipping we await your reply as soon as possible just look from the picture below and get back to us with the specie you are interested in buying shipping from here to your location or door steps wont be a problem since we ship and delivery same day. provided you get back to us with your delivery informations we are located in the United republic of Cameroon ,Douala,237 and shipping from here to your location won't be a problem, you can call us now on:+237 75615808 we do also have fertile macaw eggs for sale regards Tarh Tayim Regards
  3. is it windows, MAC or Linux easiest thing to do - is to reinstall your software (if you have bootable CD rom)
  4. you need to report this case to police, ASAP. i looks like fraud to me.
  5. Zulu, can suit both boy and girl
  6. sounds very interesting and exciting i bet you have loads of good and bad memmories and huge photoalbum as an evidence for your children lol
  7. *LINK* [http] click here [/http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/weather/uk/se/croydon_forecast_weather.html] http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/weather/uk/se/croydon_forecast_weather.html
  8. what is the meaning of all the symbols on your flag?
  9. there is few most popular websites where yo can find anything and compare the prices: http://www.froogle.google.co.uk http://www.kelkoo.co.uk or ebay.co.uk
  10. one more http://shopping.kelkoo.co.uk/ctl/do/search?fromform=true&siteSearchQuery=curtains+for+girls
  11. here is another link: http://www.google.co.uk/products?q=curtains+for+girl%27s&btnG=Search+Products&hl=en&show=dd
  12. try ebay they have loads of cute curtains for girls room. here is the link http://search.ebay.co.uk/pink-curtains-girls_W0QQcrlpZ627608197Q5f10136QQfcclZ1QQfclZ4QQfnuZ1QQfsooZ2QQfsopZ32QQkeywordZpinkQ20curtainsQ20girlsQQrprZ78 = Always happy to shorten links (MadMudMob)
  13. not too good if he didnt notice obvious offside by chelsey when they scored first goal lol
  14. well, man u will lose this cup in moscow i think chelsey needed to be disqualified for what they was doing on the field yesterday manager of chelsey buys everyone (including referees) just to show off in russia on the final game its typically of him lol (hope i didnt offend anyones feeling by saying the truth)
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