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  1. I am still looking for a Young Blue Headed Pionus cock to go with my 2010 hen. Has anybody got any BHP sitting on eggs or currently with chicks in the nest that they will be selling when they are fully weaned? I have been looking for months, any help will be greatly appreciated. Many thanks Andy
  2. What is the best position to put an air cleaner in a birdroom? Low down, half way up the wall or high up? Looking forward to your advice.
  3. I have a spare 6 x 3 avairy, and would like to keep Parrolets. How many pairs of parrotlets can I keep in this size avairy ( I thought around 3 pairs ). I know for breeding they need to be kept seperate , but what size beeding cage is suitable? Any help and advice on these birds would be appreciated. I live in Worcestershire.
  4. Many thanks for the quick relies. I will leave them with their parents but keep a close eye on them.
  5. I have two Blue Fronted Amazons which are now 9 weeks old. The chicks have been coming out of the nest box for the last 5 days. The first three days I returned them to the nest box in the evening but now they can leave and enter on their own. Today I have noticed that both chicks have chest feathers missing and look like they have been plucked. If I were to remove the chicks for hand rearing, what problems will I encounter :?: A quick reply would be greatly appreciated. Regards Andy
  6. Thankyou both for your replies. From your replies I take it, you would recommed leaving the chicks with the parents until they are fully weaned. I have not got the room to keep all four, so I would have to sell the chicks. Is there a market for parent reared chicks because all I have seen advertised is people selling hand reared birds. I know costs should not come into it, but the way things are now (credit crunch) every little bit helps.
  7. I purchased a proven pair of Blue Fronted Amazon parrots during May,in the hope they would settle down and start breeding in 2009. She started laying 8 days later. In total 3 eggs were laid, 1 was clear and the other 2 eggs have hatched. The chicks are now 43 and 45 days old. I have this week returned from my holiday in Egypt and I am now in a position to consider hand rearing. This is where I need your help and advice. Is 7 weeks ok for taking the chicks away from their parents or is it best to wait a few more weeks, or let the parents do the hard work until fully weaned. Any advice would be appreciated Regards Andy
  8. After 10 years with no birds, I am curently building an aviary to house a pair of blue fronted amazons. Previously I have painted the aviary wire black which helps you see the birds better. Is hammerite ok to use for this purpose or should I not bother ? Any help would be appreciated :?:
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